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Really nice work mate they all look great. good luck with sales!

Oh thanks man ! :bigsmile:

I really hope so with the sales :D

Cheers !

Yeaah! This is very cool Ali!

Thank you very much Sant. :bigsmile:

Neat work man!

Thanks mate ! :bigsmile:

Looking good man! Love the transparent style! Good luck with sales bro!

Oh thank you man ! :bigsmile:

Thanks so much for that great mention 3alisha. It was totally my pleasure in providing you with the files. All of them look beautiful. :)

Thanks mate :bigsmile:

Would not look that beautiful without your cards !

Cheers mate !

Sweet file bro! I decided to go with the best looking biz card on the den!! :-)

Been trying to reach you Ali… where you at in the world man?

I’ll be bouncing around in Skype later. I hope you are well. Cheers! Derek

Great file! 5 stars from me all the way! Just wish it was easier to edit! Like a PSD maybe. NO matter, this is an excellent design.

Now I must edit this and get a printer. Keep up the great work Ali!


Great that you liked it mate :))

What comes to editing… it was expected that you already had a card design ready.. just drag and drop.. or technically link the image that you have to a side of th Vray2Sided Mtl in the material editor.

Cheers ! Thank you so much for the rating :)) dropped you an email btw..

Thanks bro – I just got my internet back on here after almost a full ten days without do to the storm that rolled through here. It destroyed buildings and the hub where the main connection is for this area. Ouch! Sucks being with out internet. I got your email and will respond.

Happy holidays mate!

Great work, clean & professional. Wish you best sales