Underwear, bras, panties, thongs

Underwear, bras, panties, thongs

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VICTORIA’S SECRET the brands of lingerie Victoria’s Secret

Every woman has their own beauty secret. The fans of stylish lingerie is Victoria’s Secret. Today underwear of this brand is one of the most seductive. With the help of underwear from Victoria’s Secret women can give your way of sensuality and femininity. In the models of this brand has everything you want: bright colors, fine fabrics, playful prints, classic cotton linen. Today in the world open over a thousand stores of this brand.

This American brand created to arouse women the courage to raise her self-esteem and make her confident. In addition, Victoria’s Secret helps men to choose a suitable for their women lingerie set, what facilitates the choice of gift. It seems that the fashion for underwear of this brand will always be relevant.

AGENT PROVOCATEUR brands of underwear agent provocateur

To date, under this brand sold the most provocative lingerie. Girls who want to seduce your man, choose underwear Agent Provocateur. Here it is, the embodiment of men’s dreams and women’s aspirations. Lingerie that brand today is considered one of the most popular gifts for young temptresses and beautiful lady of any age.

Despite the fact that the English brand Agent Provocateur is quite young, it has already gained fans around the world. Ladies who wanna be sexy and seductive, choose lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

ID SARRIERI brands lingerie id sarrieri

This Italian brand is considered one of the most fashionable and luxurious. For almost 15 years ID SARRIERI holds their shows on the catwalks of Milan, Paris and new York, and the samples underwear regularly adorn the covers of the most famous fashion magazines in the world. Connoisseurs of glamour, sensuality and personality choose underwear of this brand.

DAMARIS brands underwear Damaris

Once, Damaris Evans, the young founder of the brand, took out a loan at a Bank to devote his life to the creation of underwear. Initially, the designer sewed and cut out the first models of women’s underwear in his kitchen. Over time, her talent was appreciated and today the most famous fashion magazines in the world consider it an honor to decorate their cover photos with lingerie from Damaris. At the moment, the brand Damaris is one of the best in the world, and underwear of this brand called Royal.

FRANKLY DARLING brands underwear frankly darling

Underwear of this English brand is one of the most elegant. Women’s underwear Frankly Darling is considered the epitome of innocence, wealth, originality and luxury. And it all began prosaically: firm making underwear created a solid strapless bodice and pants with quality materials.

RAVAGE brands underwear ravage

One of the most important advantages of this brand the ability to choose underwear of any size. Ravage creates underwear that you can wear and a very skinny lady, and a lady with a very curvaceous. No wonder this brand is won its fans: every girl can confidently go to the store Ravage, realizing that here she will find underwear in their size. Such careful attention to customers has made this brand one of the most popular in the world.

INTIMISSIMI brands of underwear Intimissimi

This young brand fans are very fond of beautiful lingerie in soft colors. Besides, good affordable price on elegant and high quality lingerie.

LA PERLA brands of underwear la perla

Connoisseurs of fine lace will appreciate the works of fashion art from La Perla. This Italian brand creates elegant and se