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Please correct me if I am wrong but this and other textures that you have, they are not tiling at all.

They can be mirrored in Max for example but thats not tiling and they dont work on big surfacec. They probobly can be fixed in Photoshop but to be honest spending hours on fixing all the maps is not something I paid for.

Hi Igame, I’m not sure what are the rules for the game industry but in 3D rendering we rarely use perfectly tiling textures, instead a large texture with rich in variations to avoid the impression of repetitiveness. Generally its size covers the zone we want to render. But because of their huge size making these textures perfectly tillable becomes a nightmare. If you give me your email I can send you an updated version and have it perfectly tillable for you. Thank you for your purchase and comment!

I’ve just finished making them perfectly tillable, please send me your email in a private message and I will send you the upgraded textures.

If anyone else require this option please let me know and I will either send you this tillable version or upgrade the file upon request.

Kind regards, Archtex


Thank you so much. And I just PMed you my email.

Hello Arch-Tex, You have some nice textures in your portfolio. Just bought the parquet. From your description I thought it would be tileable. Would it be possible to receive a tileable version too? Thanks in advance ands best regards, Floris

Hi Floris, First of all thank you for the purchase and the kind comment. Yes I apologise for the misunderstanding in the description in regards with the tileable part. With textures of this complexity and scale is hard to achieve a perfect tileable texture but I’ve managed to do it for a previous client. Sure, please send me a private message through Graphicriver and I will send you the tileable version asap and sorry for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards – Archtex team.

Hi Floris, I’ve just sent you all the textures to your email address, could you please confirm you have received all 5 parts? My email indicated me ‘Delivery Status Notification (Failure)?’ when using your email so just making sure you received something.

Hello Arch-Tex, I received 4 parts. Could you resend the diffuse?

Thank you!

The file is not received yet, did you allready sent the file?

Hi Arch-Tex, just received the diffuse also. It tiles perfectly. Thanks a lot!

Perfect! thank you again for purchasing both products. I hope you will enjoy them. Kind Regards, Alan.


Thank you for the purchase and comment! it’s greatly appreciated! Please message us if you want to get the Pro version.

Sorry we thought you purchased another product, this has no pro version ^^