Weapons Pack Low Poly

Weapons Pack Low Poly

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This is a low poly pack with guns, attachments and explosives for your desktop or mobile game. This asset includes .fbx, .obj and .blend files formats. You can download, modify and edit for your own use, even commercially, but you can’t resell it.

This asset use a CC0 License:


What is included:

-> 10 Guns with separated parts

AWM Sniper Rifle Colt Python Revolver Glock G48 Pistol HK 416 Assault Rifle HK MP5K Submachine Gun M2 Flamethrower M32 Grenade Launcher M249 Light Machine Gun RPG-7 Rocket Launcher SPAS-12 Shotgun

14 Gun Attachments

12x Scope ACOG Scope Bipod Closed Bipod Opened Canted Front Iron Sight Canted Rear Iron Sight Flashlight Iron Sight Front Iron Sight Rear Laser Sight Revolver Speedloader Silencer Vertical Grip

13 Explosives

C4 Bomb Dynamite Big Dynamite Small Concussion Grenade MK3 Flashbang Grenade M84 Frag Grenade M26 Frag Grenade M67 Frag Grenade MK2 Incendiary Grenade Smoke Grenade Teargas Grenade M18 Claymore Molotov Cocktail

6 Different Ammo

M32 Grenade Pistol Bullet Revolver Bullet Rifle Bullet RPG-7 Rocket SPAS-12 Shell

3 Extras

Ammo Box First Aid Kit Military Supplies Container

File formats


- This pack do not include rig and animations.

- If you have any trouble, please contact me.

I hope you enjoy!