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CONGRATULATIONS !!! The first file EVER on 3DOcean!

There we go :)

I was expecting good stuff from you mafloral… Wish you good sales!

Congrats!!! Such an honor to be the 1st :)

Great one… 3dOcean here we go!

Gratz! I would have had the first =P (jk) but I am not supposed to be on till noon LOL And great moniter, love the glossyness

Great file man! Looks really clean and polished!!! And it’s set the standard for files on 3docean!

Congrats , great work :)

Very nice! Happy to see a familiar face got the first item here :):)


Ivor Envato Team

OMG !! The first file congratulations!!!

Great file Congratulations

wow, very shiny and sharp… congrats

nice one!

Whoa, thanks guys. This is cool now how many people can say that their file was the first on 3D Ocean. I feel really honored.

Thanks again and i hope that the next files that i will upload will have the same review.


Congratulations! What a lovely first file to kick start 3docean :)

Nice job setting the bar!

Seriously, way to set the bar high!