Woman Sportswear 03 Base Mesh Design Kit

Woman Sportswear 03 Base Mesh Design Kit

The 3D model of the woman sportswear base mesh. Two models are included – HIGH-POLY and LOW-POLY. Both models present solid mesh of regular quadrangular topology, having UV unwrap and smoothing groups conformed to UV islands.

  • The multi-purpose base mesh for production, game, animation, VR/AR, digital sculpting and other 3D applications.
  • Regular topologies based on quad polygons.
  • 2 meshes, high-poly and low-poly.
  • The real world scale, system units – centimeters.
  • Center of the model is at the World Origin (0,0).
  • Each mesh is put in a separate file.
  • Meshes have identical coordinates, so occupy exactly the same space when combined.
File formats:
  • max – Autodesk 3ds Max 2011
  • ma – Autodesk Maya 2011
  • c4d – Maxon Cinema 4D R13
  • blend – Blender 2.80
  • ztl – ZBrush 4R7
  • dae – Collada
  • fbx – Autodesk FBX ver. 2013.3
  • obj – Wavefront Technologies
  • stl – StereoLithography
  • 3ds – 3D Studio
  • png – preview images
  • pdf – User Guide
Polygon count:
  • HIGH-POLY: 30120 vertices, 29581 quads
  • LOW-POLY: 3032 vertices, 2878 quads No tris or n-gons.

Dimensions: W(35cm), L(26cm), H(69cm)

  • Materials: simple standard procedural
  • Textures: NO
  • UVW unwrap: YES

Note: STL exchange format is provided for the compatibility with CAD-oriented 3D software. STL mesh has the same number of polygons as the original mesh, therefore its resolution may be insufficient for quality 3D printing.