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looks awesome, muchos kudos :)

How easily can I retexture it without using 3dsmax so that its made of metal and covered in snow…

You’ll get a purchase soon :) ;)


Just changing the wood texture into a snow texture gives the halfpipe a really odd look, so i decided to edit the model a bit. I created a layer or snow on the horizontal parts of the halfpipe (since snow doesn’t stick to vertical objects ;) ). I Just uploaded it, so it’s waiting for a re-review. If you would like to see some preview screens, just drop me a email and will send them to you!


that looks AWESOME , congrats, will be purchasing soon

Thank You!

im making a slope in snow with a half pipe.

But i love your wooden one ;)


Im looking forward to yours too (especially the creating method)! Maybe we can add them to a collection?


Its not for really soon i wanna make it with alot of pieces

you can email me for the collection it could be intersting ;)

totally awesome :)

any chance you also want to make a full loop like this one?


Nice video! I’m not sure about creating a looping, i think only a few people are intrested in skate park objects.. but if you want i could always do this as a custom job, just contact me.