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Great model :) glws!

Many thanks, have a good one :)

hehe, I have one of this under the table :) Good job! Good luck with sales!

Congrats, always wanted to get one, and thanks :)

Sad that i’m the first buyer, cause this model looks great on the pictures, so i bought it. Unfortunately i can’t use it in VideoCopilots Element3D Plugin. The model loads as one square. But thats not your fault.

So at least buy a good coffee for my money! :) Keep your great work up :)

Please send me an email clarifying the problem further, I can send you various formats as you need for your project. The obj file has the mesh separated into 272 different pieces. so we may need to troubleshoot the reason it loads as one object in element3D. If nothing works then by all means we can discuss refunding which i have no problem with. :)

Hello Again.. :) In the past 6 hours I’ve re-modeled the chassis for best optimization for Elements3D, I’ve included the older C4D version as well, you will be able to re-download the files and test again after they’ve been reviewed by 3docean, or you can send me an email, and i’ll attach them for you.
Here’s a Screenshot

Sir, you are awesome! I can’t wait to get home and try this out. I will text you later :)

I will recommend this rendering for use with Element 3D in After Effects!

When i bought it, it didn’t worked in E3D, but even when this wasn’t ever created for it the author helped me out and made a new version that will support E3D.

there are still some deviations from the rendered pictures here and the model in E3D but for that it never was touted for E3D it looks great now :grin:


Many thanks to the author! :grin: :grin: