Anatomy - Complete Human Skeleton

Anatomy - Complete Human Skeleton

Complete Human Skeleton: 30 objects (each one with its pivot-point placed, so you can easily animate / transform it, group it, or provide it with Armature and Bones), 10 Materials (Skull; Jaw and Teeth; Spine; Cartilages; Ribs; Sternum; Scapula and Clavicula; Pelvis; Arm, Forearm and Hand; Femur, Patella, Tibia, Fibula and Foot) with separate overlapping UV Layout maps and PBR Textures set; objects are separate, loose parts, so you can further separate the ribs or the hand / foot bones. You can apply a MeshSmooth / Subdivision Surface modifier to each part to further smooth it, too. Objects (with the following names in the 3D model, so you can easily find them, using the _l and _r suffixes for left and right in case of x2 models; see preview images): Skull, Jaw and Teeth, Clavicle (x2), Scapula (x2), Humerus (x2), Radius (x2), Ulna (x2), Hand (x2), Spine, Ribs, Cartilages, Sternum, Pelvis (x2), Femur (x2), Patella (x2), Tibia (x2), Fibula (x2), Foot (x2).

Game/Production-ready 3D Model, with PBR materials, textures, and overlapping UV Layout map provided in the package.

Easily customizable: you can create or edit the Textures using the overlapping UV Layout maps and the Diffuse (Albedo) Textures provided in the package (see preview images).

Each Object, Material or Texture provided in the package has a unique, meaningful name.

Made in Blender 3D (Cycles materials) and in 3D Studio MAX 2012 (V-Ray Adv 2.30.02), then exported to other formats.

PROMO IMAGES: the first image has been rendered in Cycles for Blender 3D 2.7x, the second image has been rendered in V-Ray Adv 2.30.02 for 3DS MAX 2012 (native file format); in particular, you can find 14 promo images in this description:
  • nr. 1 rendered in Cycles;
  • nr. 2 rendered in V-Ray Adv 2.30.02;
  • nr. 3-4-5-6-7 rendered in Cycles;
  • nr. 8-9 are wireframe images;
  • nr. 10-11 are screenshots from the Blender 3D scene, showing the UV Layout;
  • nr. 12 is a screenshot with rendering in 3D Studio MAX 2012 + V-Ray Adv 2.30.02;
  • nr. 13 is a screenshot from Unity 5;
  • nr. 14 is a screenshot from Unreal Engine 4.

Formats included: FBX, OBJ, unitypackage (Unity 5, with Metallic Workflow Standard Shader materials and textures; see preview images), Unreal Engine 4 (Migration Folder); scenes: 3D Studio MAX 2012 (V-Ray Adv 2.30.02 materials), BLEND (Blender 3D 2.77 Cycles materials with a PBR Shader and colours); other: png with Alpha (overlapping UV layout map, PBR textures for Unity 5); jpg (PBR, UV-mapped textures for Cycles in Blender 3D and V-Ray in 3D Studio MAX).

30 Objects (meshes), 10 PBR Materials (in Unity Package, in Blender Cycles, in the Unreal uassets, and in 3D Studio MAX V-Ray scenes), UV unwrapped (overlapping UV Layout map provided in the package; see preview images); UV-mapped Textures.

PBR colours and image Textures provided for each Material in the package; channels: Base Color (Diffuse / Albedo), Metallic, Roughness, Normals, Ambient Occlusion; main render made in Blender 3D + Cycles using these PBR colours and/or textures with a Material Node scheme provided in the blend scene (see preview images).

UV Layout maps and Image Textures resolutions: 1024×1024; PBR Textures made with Substance Painter 2.

Polygonal, QUADS ONLY, NO POLES; 84905 total vertices, 84597 total quad faces (169194 total tris).

Real world dimensions; scene scale units: meters, in both blend and max scenes.

Uniform scale object (scale applied in Blender 3D, 100% scale in 3DS MAX).

Textures are stripped in the 3DS MAX scene.

IMPORTANT - Main renderings made in V-Ray ADV 2.30.02 and in Blender 3D + Cycles using an HDR Environment Texture Image which is NOT provided in the package!

Sketchfab 3D preview: