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Awesome work my friend!!!!! Wish you many sales!!!!! ;)

Thank you very much :)


Will I be able to open it in Cinema 4D without losing original materials?

Thanks, George

And another quick question, I see only iphone “gold” in the .c4d file. where is others? Thanks!

Dear George, thank you for your purchase, I appreciate it very much and I am really glad you like them :) You can rate it in downloads panel in your account dashboard. I have included only gold c4d file since Element3d needs only geometry from cinema. You got all 3 color version models in .e3d presets though. If you want cinema models for silver and black I can send you as well :) No problem. Just send me a pm with your email :) or you can wait until I update it over envato.

Sent you an email :) all is in there. Regards, Tom

Can the screens be replaced by AE comps?

I am not sure, since I have not personally tested it. But I see no reason whatsoever why wouldn’t it be possible :) – Screen is a simple separated single-quad polygon with a material/texture on it.

Amazing quality and great work!

Thank you my friend :)

Can’t seem to flip the screen 90 degrees, like you would to watch video on an iphone. Screen image is baked in a vertical orientation. Or am I doing something wrong?

Never mind. You rotate the content within the comp…duh

Okay :) glad you have figured it out! Thank you very much for your purchase!