Arcade 004

Arcade 004

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High quality polygonal model of arcade.

3D File includes

  • .max (3ds Max 2010 for separate models)
  • .max (3ds Max 2010 for the scene, whose models are presented as XRef Objects with Proxy Object option)
  • .max (3ds Max 2012 for the scene, whose models are presented as XRef Objects with Proxy Object option)
  • .obj (low poly)
  • .obj (high poly)
  • .fbx (low poly)
  • *.fbx (high poly)
  • For all the scenes with XRef Objects, the Proxy Object option for quick saving of the file edition and Viewport drawings is used
  • All paths in the scene are relative to the project folder
  • 3d model are located in corresponding layers for easy scene management
  • Named objects\materials\layers for easy navigation
Render Plugin – V-Ray2.0
-— To use our product you need 3ds Max 2010 or higher, and VRay 2.0 or higher.
Standardized scene arrangement, easy-to-use setup will let you effectively use our product in the process of

designing and projecting.
Named object layers and material allow you to orientate yourself in the wide range of scenes and make the whole

work process much easier.
XRef links simplify the basic scene by reducing the file’s size and increasing the speed of work in viewports due

to the fact that models have their low-poly copies for proxy representation. The link system is arranged in such a

way that customer is able to change mapping and material of the models directly in the scene without correcting

the external original file, that is, the same original model may have each own unique color solution in each of

your scenes.
Absolute advantage of such approach is the small size of the work file which gives an opportunity to use regular

equipment without using expensive professional machines.
If for some reasons you are not a fan of using external links in your projects – don’t get upset. Our product is

completed with the scene where all the models are presented in the original mesh.