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Hi Vibes!

Will this open in cinema 4D R11 .5? if not is it possible to get an .obj file?

Great work!

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remmac- I do not have a Cinema version but good point :) I will update the main file to include the .OBJ file…. so yes!! Thank you also for your kind words!

awesome work man, it is realy nice :)

Thanks DeltaForce :)

Thank you Tashina :) I really have a lot of fun creating items here…

Hi there i just purchased this file, i read in the comment above that you were going to include an obj file in the package to open in cinema 4d, but I guess you haven’t got around to adding this. It’s my fault for taking the risk but are you still planning to do this and if so would I be able to get the obj file? thanks!

focusad- First off let me say thank you for your purchase :)

I expect to have the files ready today for review with the OBJ file. Just curious- have you tried the FBX file? Regardless, the file will be updated- I can email you the changes so you do not have to wait for the review process… please send me an email at allen@3docean.net so I can provide an off site download link.


ok… main zip file has been updated with the FBX as well as OBJ file :)

Great stuff, vibes! A couple of questions…

1) Is the cloud layer over Earth separate from the planet texture such that it can be turned off?

2) Is Antarctica covered in good detail and undistorted?

Aeris T-

Great questions :)

1) YES , the cloud and land mass area are (2) separate maps using the mix material with the EarthMap.jpg in the Color #1 slot and the EarthClouds.jpg in the Color #2 slot. So they are independent of one another.

2) Antarctica is in good detail. The full map used is 2500×1250 pixels with no distortion of land masses

Hope this helps!!

OK – thanks vibes. Bookmarked for future purchase. I’ll need to build this from the generic OBJ file format. I assume that the textures are included for use with this format?