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Nice work, I like how you make good description of your Items.

Thank you :) – Hvala!

HI, it seems that there are no speakers on both sides of the keyboard …

Based on the preview pictures.

The original Mackbook Pro 15’ has the speakers on both sides of the keyboard …

Hey, thank you for your comment. You are right and yes it was made that way on purpose to reduce the poly-count for Element3D. Those little holes would pretty much double it. I will eventually update it with a texture of the speakers.

Best regards, Tom

Update sent. Added speaker grid and some more textures.

Great looking models! Love the detail. I have a quick question. When I open the model in C4D it seems to be missing some of the textures that aren’t in the tex folder. Am i missing any files? From the details I thought I would have been able to open the textured model in C4D as well.

thanks for you help!

Update: Send me your email so I can send you updated files. I have found my project files and I got textures ready.

thanks for the quick response! That’s no problem on waiting for the updated model. Works great in element, just wanted that extra option for more render control. How can I send you my direct email without posting it to the comments?

Great! Glad you like it :) You can send me a private message over my profile. I will send you the updated files immediately. I have just sent the model update through 3docean but since it is the weekend it won’t be reviewed/updated before Monday morning.

I can’t figure out how to open and close the laptop in Element 3D. Any tips? Thanks!

Hey dgeviper, first of all thank you very much for your purchase – I really appreciate it. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have an automatic folding function (animation or hinge) – you will have to do it manually in Cinema4D or hire someone to customize it.

I haven’t really thought about that but now that you have mentioned it I might do an update for the model in a few days.

Sorry once again for inconvenience.

Best regards, Tom

Hello. Thanks very much for responding. I work at a TV station and will use this model on a regular basis to promote our website, etc. it’s a great model and looks fantastic. Thanks for making it! If you could update the model to be open and closable that would be AMAZING. If you updated it and placed that info in the description you may get more sales too! Just a thought. Have a great week!

Any updates on whether or not you plan to make this model able to open and close? Thanks!

Hi, thanks for the great model! I need to animate the screen content. I set up a Custom Layer and replaced the display texture diffuse and illumination. It works but alters the colors. Any way to show the Custom Layer exactly as is inside the screen?

Thanks so much for the quick reply! Turned off Illuminiton inside the Display_Texture Textures settings, and turned down Display_Texture Illumination Intensity to 100%. Works perfectly!

And another question: Is there any way to disable the Apple logo in the back? If I disable the “Apple Logo” the glowing Apple disappears but I can still see a black Apple.

No problem :) glad it worked.

Unfortunately, the Apple logo is modeled/beveled into the geometry :/. I, or you if you know how, would have to tweak it inside C4D and remove that part out.

The laptop is really dark in my scene. How do I adjust the lighting?

Glad we got it sorted (email) :)

Anyway, for all ELEMENT3D V2.0+ users who purchased this model and are wondering why their alu-body material is appearing way darker then usual:

Make sure to select Aluminium material and then under Material Type tab – convert it from Standard Material (old E3D mat. preset) to the new Physical Material (E3D v2.0+ mat. preset).

Looks beautiful. Thanks for all your help.

You are very welcome :) Wish you the best of luck!

is there a way to open and close the model?

Dear ectomania, thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately, only manually (change upper model axis to the hinge position and rotate to cover). No automatic way to do it as of yet.

Kind regards, Tom