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Great model once again! Very quick and easy to setup – thank you!

Thank you marksman97, glad you like it :) Regards, Tom.

Hi tomislavn!

Is the screen image of this iPad model replaceable with video?

Dear javipuer, the screen image is a texture over a simple flat plane part in Element3D. You should be able to replace it with your composition (animation, video, etc.). As far as I know there should be no problems with it. Regards, tomislavn

Hey Tomislavn,

thanks for your great model. I have some minor problems with it, when the camera goes to a certain distance (also with your model of the iMac). The displays begin to flicker. Please see atached video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S3yq6i6MxWc&feature=youtu.be

Any solution for this? It does the same for the iMac at a higher distance.


Hey Tomislavn

I have an issue where the ‘iPad’ part of the logo on the back is flipped. This happened from the moment I imported into Element. Running Element v.2.2.0. Please help. Thanks.

Hello Tomislavn, Thank you for ipad. Check my project https://www.behance.net/gallery/38560107/Extrasound-promotion

Thank you for your purchase Nikolazi. Great project you have there :) Thanks for sharing! Wish you all the best for holidays! Regards, Tom