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Hello there :) .Is there any change to sent me 3ds max file of the iPad Pro because I’m getting a lot of “bugs” on the tablet? Thanks in advance :)

Hey :) first of all, thank you for the purchase. I am not really sure of the bugs that you’re getting but please send me an email and I will reply you with a clean .obj file before importing into E3D or even .c4d if you want (I am not working in Max). Regards, tomislavn :)

I think i fixed the problem. I may sent you a message after i render few images if i still have some issues:) Thanks for your fast respond:)

No worries mate :) I have sent you the .obj file through personal message. You can check it out if you want. Regards, Tom

Great work as always. Might be an idea to add the pencil at some point, to maximise sales potential. Will probably pick this up at some point.

Thank you for the idea and kind words :) I appreciate it!

The c4d version is not textured!

Hi Tom, really eager to work with your model, but Element seems to crash every time I try to import the .E3D file. Both in CS6 and CC15. Any ideas?

Hey epicframe, thank you for your purchase – I am really sorry that I didn’t get to you sooner but I am on vacation so I have limited access. Which E3D version are you using? Did you manage to fix the problem? Kind regards, Tom

Hi Tom, I’m using v1.6.3 currently. No, still no solution. Thanks for you reply!

In Element 3D when replacing ‘screen_texture’ with our own custom layer, it isn’t centred. Is there a reason for this? We can see that the default image of the earth and deck isn’t centred either. So it’s not our comp. Let us know, thanks.

Here’s another image. Our steps; 1. Select ‘iPad Pro Space Grey’ from the Model Browser. 2. Change ‘Screen Texture’ to Custom Layer 1. 3. Ok. 4. E3D Customer layer set to a comp which is 2048×2732. https://s4.postimg.org/iej6dwep9/Screen_Shot_2016_08_16_at_5_42_32_pm.png

You are right, I have tried to load it in C4D and check UV mapping again – noticed there was some vertices from the home button left in selection that stretched the UV map away from the main display. Really sorry for the problem. I have already updated the model and will send the files to 3docean today (probably will take a day or two to process updates through their reps). Anyway, please send me a PM through 3docean and I will send you the updated .c4d model which you can replace and has a corrected UV mapping coordinates. Regards, Tom

Sent you an email with an updated model. Please, let me know if it is alright. Regards, Tom

HI there, I am trying to add a video to the screen but cannot work out how to do this, any help you can give me would be much appreciated. Sorry for my Element 3D infancy! Thanks

Hey lordloco :) Thank you for your purchase! Here is a really quick and easy way to do it – 2min video. Let me know how it works out for you :)


Kind regards, Tom


scsand Purchased

Cinema 4D file is not textured.

What do you mean more clear? I mean it definitely says in the title ELEMENT3D and C4D file is clearly there inside and it is required for E3D preset to work correctly. If you check my portfolio you will see I clearly say if the project is for Maxon Cinema4D specifically. You need to check with Envato about their policy with refunding stuff that is downloaded already – Regards, Tom

EDIT: Not to mention the UVW mapping is there and if you really wanted to use that C4D file on its own you could assign 3 materials in total in a few min and have it done.


scsand Purchased

I’ve placed my request for a refund. Sure, I can be more specific. I think it would be helpful if you clearly stated that the Cinema 4D file does not include textures. Looking through the comments I’m not the only person that misunderstood the product description. Of course, in the end, it’s just a suggestion and it’s up to you how you react to customer feedback or run your business.

No worries – thank you for your suggestion. Kind regards, Tom

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