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Wow, great work!

Thanks a lot!

Thank you so much

How do I replace the materials in element 3d? In c4d when i load the materials the phone is all black and no textures and when i import it in element 3d it’s grey.

Email me at adulcu7@gmail.com


You’re welcome! Thank you for purchasing and please don’t forget to rate if you like it

Same problem. If i import the .c4d file in After Effects and open it in Cinema 4D Lite, the textures are missing.

Did you try importing e3d format to Element3d? Materials created for only Element3d. I will update materials for Cinema4d today.

Yes tried it after i wrote the comment it and it works. Thank you.

You’re welcome. If you have any problems, please contact me again. Thank you for purchasing and please don’t forget to rate if you like it!

Loooks so good!

Is it possible to be used with Photoshop (to import th e.obj file and render it via PS)?

Thanks I dont really know about Photoshop’s 3d layer But i have wathced a few videos and i think you can use it in photoshop.

Thank you!

I just purchased this but when I try to import the e3d into element it is blank.

Hi, Can you send me your mail adress?

Can you help me replacing the screen? i’m using c4d

Hi, could you please give me your email address

is there a certain graphics card requirement? element 3d opens on my computer but when i attempt to import the 3d file it causes or “invokes” a crash.

nevermind. figured out it was my graphics card. will try c4d

Did you try importing c4d file to Element3d?

Please check you mail (koolanimator@gmail.com)

Thanks for reply but there is no attachment with our email.


You are welcome

Trying to import .e3d files on AE 2017 doesn’t work. The object comes up with RED font and no vertices or faces appear. electr1ck.ryan@gmail.com

I have sent you an email

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I have the same problem like francisra : Trying to import .e3d files on AE 2017 doesn’t work. The object comes up with RED font and no vertices or faces appear. im.stanko@gmail.com You can explain it here as well, so everybody can see the solution. Thanks

Hi, Please click File>Relink Scene Files in Element3D Scene Setup. Then click Select Folder and find your downloaded file And click Relink I will upload an update a few days later

wow, this was quick. Thanks

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DDBOslo Purchased

the ed3-files causes my AE too crash, also i’m finding it very hard to convert the emf-files to jpg. seems there’s a problem there to? (morten.vikanes@gmail.com) thanks!

I have sent you an email


Do you have subdivided version?

It’s very low poly around round edges up close :(


https://puu.sh/tuGD9/8ab85a69b9.png https://puu.sh/tuGEH/184d6c1d0c.png https://puu.sh/tuH8n/c8c3537418.png

Not at all! Do you need 7 Plus too?

Yes, that would be great. And if you can do even more turbosmoothing would be awesome

I have sent you iPhone 7 Plus too, Sorry for late

Hi there. Just purchased. Can you help me replace the screen with a .mov I’m using Adobe After Effects with Element – brandon@handsome.is

Thanks very much for your fast response. It worked perfectly!

You are welcome

Will this work with blender

I don’t have Blender software But zip file contains common OBJ format It can work

Hello, I manage to import the iPhone 7 on my 1920×1080 project, but the iPhone is too small so I tried to scale to 300% (from composition) but the resolution is pretty bad. I also tried scale from Element but when I do that the iPhone is cut because the frame of the solid is 590×590. Do you any solution ?

Thank you

Please try this: Create a camera and zoom into the phone. If it doesn’t help plase give me your mail adress. So i can send you screenshots

My team have bought this item but we are having issues with the emf files. We need them as jpgs.. can you please help? james@lupimedia.com

I have sent you email

Thanks for the email. Your E3d file crashes our Element 3D. This might be because we have Vs 1.6.3. We have to bring in your obj file and add textures. We need jpgs to do this. Could you kindly send us those files to the above address? Thank you

Yes, It is made for Element3D V2.2. I have sent you mail again