Forest Pack

Forest Pack

This pack includes variation of trees and environment elements.

Project features:

  • 26 different objects :
  • 15 different trees ( 3 color variations that can be applied to any tree)
  • 5 stones
  • 15 grass clusters ( 5 different size objects per 3 color variations )
  • 1 stump
  • High detailed models and textures
  • Separate texture for trees and environment objects, 2k each ( two 2k packs )
  • 4 format included ( .c4d .3ds .obj .fbx )
  • Low poly & stylized
  • Universal textures set
  • More info and FULL HD pictures Heret
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Some screenshots:

361ef6c3df4ed34bfb3ddfd68d64dd2d.png e2fee60877a22a2fb16960b7f8ea6846.png b763202eaa61a38f944b4e748035916d.png cb7d95e2822c6e8b3a8f8de33baa663f.png 70bf8efc9ee66453f5f3b0f0d931f7c6.png

13d0cbbeb133ef153b471abd66941c6d.png 4a8bdb4b2bc360057d43c398adf3d6d0.png 1d21cdfa668a346034a9570603be435e.png e837d545d5134c2f36155ea0504bbfe9.png 50a63f8e25f0b8a9266b2ee1b5b48b39.png b62245870109f08e7f77601a9d4d5c01.png 90c11a30931cb61dd1f2129c64f7dc08.png f88b3809f44f7dc679b588d2904b097d.png