Discussion on Google Cardboard

Discussion on Google Cardboard

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Nice Model! But is there a possibility to use the Textures also in Cinema 4D Unfortunately I see only grey on every Element…

Hello, I have been studying your problem. I have cinema 4D software too and Happen it the same. You must relink all textures one by one in the cinema 4D materials. All the texture files are in the folder. Please tell me if you need more help.

Hi I purchased this model (Nice work BTW ) and I am unable to open the native .max file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I sent you the files in old version.

Awesome Thank you very Much!

Unfortunately this file did not work either. Thank you very much for the effort. Keep up the GREAT work! :)

Prior to purchasing, I’d like to know if the .max version has been collapsed to an editable poly or if, perhaps, the modifier stack might be intact to allow folding and unfolding easily. Thank you. Nice work!

Edit: I’m going ahead with a purchase, regardless. It’s too pretty to turn down. :)

Hello Brenn, in the file there are several predefined positions of the object. Each object is grouped to be easily moved. you can ungroup and move all parts separately, most of the parties are modificadoe edit poly and is only applied for textures UVW Map. You can use the predefined, open or closed positions, and customize the pose you want. I am glad that you like my work, thanks!

Thank you again.

I am very interested in your Google Cardboard graphic. I’ve never purchased anything form 3DOcean so I am concerned I won’t have the correct software to use it. My goal is to use this graphic to create a mockup of a custom Google Cardboard I am designing for my client via Illustrator and Photoshop. I have the Adobe Creative Suite CC, is it possible to use this graphic to create a Mockup (essentially overlay a custom design on the cardboard shape), or will I need 3DS Max?

Hello, This is a 3D file, 3dsmax software is necessary to do renders. Then you can use the renders to do your mockups.

Hi, I bought this to use as a regular mockup but I just got some weird 3D files that I can’t even recognize or use. Definitely not what I purchased, how can access the correct files or at least access the mockup ones that I need?

Hello, they are 3D models, they are not images for mockup, but I can send you to the email to tell me the files for mockups, next time please read all the info about what you are buying. Please, give me an email to send the mockup files to you in .psd Thank you!

I apologize for not reading the information properly and for assuming that I was downloading the mockups. You are very kind to send me to the files for the mockups, I really appreciate it! The email you could send them to is michiabdelnour@gmail.com Thank you again!

ok, I sent you them.

Hi I made the exact same mistake as michiabdelnour! Would it be possible to get the mockup files too? Apologies for the inconvenience!

Hi reflex_xion. Is it possible to get the photoshop files please? My Email is studiophil@richardbarber.co.uk

Hi, I send you the files, but for the following user, this is not a possibility , They must read correctly all the item description, and if someone want a psd mockup file of google cardboard please purchase this other item: https://graphicriver.net/item/google-cardboard-mockup/19604485 Thanks!

Hi. I don’t have experience with 3d programs or 3d in Photoshop, and your psd mock up doesn’t have the packaging box, which i really want. So i was wondering can i put my design on this using smart objects? or can you perhaps make a psd version including the packaging box?

Yes, this is my otrer item of Google Cardboard 3D version: https://3docean.net/item/google-cardboard/13953499 But in mockup version i will include an update with the packaging. When I have some time to work in the update.

So if i buy the psd mockup now, i will get the updated version when you got it ready, or should i wait?

Hi Broennum94, I have a good notice for you, I have updated the item with a new mockup view, with the packaging belt for the cardboard. In a few hours i believe that will be available