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Really cool, wish there was support for 3ds max!


Maybe one day I will fight me through max and do a script for that. At the moment I am just a Maya guy, but as V-Ray is almost the same in all apps it should be not too difficult.

Yes.. something for 3ds max vray will be great :)

Hi there,

Your mel script HDRI loader script works great!

Quick question. Why are u using the unitconversion node with a value of 57.296 piped into the MultipleDivide node?

I’m creating relation with the geoSun and the sun in myHdri and I want to break that(your) connection.

Hope you can help:)

Cheers, Marcus

That is strange. Can’t find a unitconversion here. It was not created by me. Could you send me a scene to review it?


will this work with maya 2013 and onwards?

I had issues in maya 2016. I get an error message. any info on that?

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