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Fantastic job! 5 stars!

Thank you for your purchase :) I will contact you this evening.

Amazing renderings! Keep up the great work.

Thank you very much for your purchase :) I am glad you like it!

your designs are incredible but the gold iPhone doesn´t look like Gold

Hi there,

I’ve bought this product and want to use it in element 3D. However, when I import both c4d project or obj. object, they don’t work quite right. Can you help me with this?

Best, Guilherme

Hey Guilherme, first of all thank you for purchasing. I have made a new version of iPhone 5S for Element3D since this one had a little bit problematic geometry. This one can be done also but you will have to adjust the materials from scratch and enable “auto normals” when you import the model. Let me help you with something if I can.

Best regards, Tom


I just purchased this model and I wanted to open it in Photoshop CC. However, whether I try the .obj or the 3ds file, it throws an error stating Photoshop can’t parse the file.



Hey Rick, thank you for your purchase. I am not really familiar with how models work in Photoshop. I can try it out later when I get home, but it wasn’t really made for Photoshop in mind :(