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perfect work!

Thank you very much wimstock :) There is Element3D versions of each model in my porfolio if you need it also.

awesome work, a max or maya version would be nice, really precise modeling and the render is super realistic.

Thank you very much Trendica :) I appreciate it! I might do a Max/V-Ray version of the model in near future.

Please make a max\vray version ASAP, and I will buy from you

Thank you for your support yair18 :) – I will most likely have it up next week.

horrible 3D model, He used Boolean operations for cutting the holes, I do not know how the ENVATO team can release something like this The OBJ files are very very Bad, the model looks like broken with polyangles instead of circles, triangulates, very bat typography ( in one word I have lose my money for nothing) :((( I want my money back

This is a message to every person who works for envato team for revisions, and please do not release some models like this because the people lose their money for nothing

Thank you for your purchase and your sincere comment Dejan. I have no idea what is wrong with boolean holes or what do you need this phone model for, but for the purpose it was made for, to be precise and physically correct render sample (not for modifying the structure, just screen texture), I think that it is decent. Cinema file is what you should look at, .obj file is included just because it is needed for upload. No one else had any bad words on it apart from you, so I think that you are in minority and yet – quite rude.

Anyway, if you want, you can ask for a refund from Envato, I don’t mind it, so you can get your “lost money” back and go buy elsewhere. Hvala.

I’m using 3dsmax software and I have purchased great 3D models from C4D and used them from obj file format to 3DS MAX, so I will be pleased if you can include a wireframe images on your next models, so the clients will know, or just explain that the obj files are not ok on your description. Thanks

Very nice modell tomislavn :)

Thank you very much CyberCandy :)

This is great work, but why is the screen 282×498? iPhone 6 is 375×667, I have loads of screen designs at the correct size so how will I get them onto this model? Thanks

Hey djsquid, thank you for your purchase. Glad you like it :) – About that screen size problem – both resolutions are the same aspect ratio so you can just replace it and it should scale correctly. Let me know if it works out for you. Kind regards, Tom.

Hi, do I need the Element3D plugin to use this model?

Dear stefansiebert, no – this is pure Cinema4D with its own native renderer. You need only Cinema 4D R16 or newer to open it and render. Regards, Tom