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wOw really nice!

Hi, this looks great. Is it Element 3D ready? Thanks,

Hey bud, Awesome work! Thank you so much for making it Element 3D ready. Hopefully you will get more sales that way. Fives Stars!

Thank you!

Thank you very much! Awesome work!

Thank you. Once 4 months ago i was looking for for lowpoly earth for my project. And i found it in other store. Price was about 100$. It is very expensive, i thought. It was main reason for creating my model for envato. Everyone should have chance to buy simple model for good price.

It works great into 3d program and looks very beautiful! very nice work, Mister!

Very nice design. :-)

Hey, nice design! Looks really good! :)

thanks a lot, if I use it somewhere in my blog I will let you know

Great design…Cheers!! :)

Hey bro ! this model is just great ! how do you achieve that low poly look ? is there a plugin or something that I can use ?

Thank you! It is just modelling with EditPoly modificator. I create sphere, add noise and delete unnecessary polygons.

Good Stuff!!!

It looks like a fresh and juicy fruit :D Good work!

really great and unique GL ;)

Really nice model… Thank you.

thank you!

Cool model.I wanna learn to make something like that. I have not found the courses for that but I can do something in exchange of tutoring, like writing an essay for you. I think about start learning graphic design, but can’t find enough time


Hey there!, Really happy with the model. Any chance on getting this file that is “missing” (Map__2_Gradient_Ramp.tga (world))

Hi! I don’t know what is this. My model don’t need this file. I checked twice. Sorry!