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Beautiful work the asset look great together and individualy, good luck with sales.

Great stuff :) GLWS

very nice , good luck .

Awesome game level :D

This is amazing!!!!!!

great concept & looking, thanks.

Thanks guys!!! :)

how do I install the texture files individually? as I have got the meshes but the textures are just flat 2d and I only have 3 textures.

I have a lot of problems with the files for this. I got it from your website, I have constant “Preview font all over the objects texture all the time, the texture does not work for the sample map at all… due to no UV file for the sample map. the texture colour is off and looks to plastic. so could you please kindly reply to my email or this comment, I do love your work and that is why I brought it, but if it is this bad it will be useless for me… Thank you.

I have updated the set. Let me know if that solved some of the issues you were having.

Hi! Sorry about that! Have not been here for a little while. I see your problem… I should not have included the sample level as that was built with the individual textures, not the atlas textures and was meant only for presentation renderings… I’ll need to rebuild it. I’ll look into it now.

ok thank you. how will i be able to get the fixture as I brought it off your original website, I did send you an email but have not got a reply as of yet.

I will let you know as soon as I update the file with the fixes and you will be able to re-download.