Get started on a new game monster quickly with this low poly, hand painted fat zombie. He is bound to an HIK skeleton and ready to be animated.

To achieve the look as seen on the preview images the model needs to be self illuminated (flat shaded) to some degree in what ever 3D software or engine you are using. It comes in a range of formats that will easily import to all major 3D software packages or game engines out there.

Buy this item to download the model and accompanying files together with the license to use the work in a project (see license description).

Update 08.05.2014: Added Animations!

  • frame: 0060-0119 backpedal (loop)
  • frame: 0185-0244 bite
  • frame: 0250-0299 die
  • frame: 0305-0339 get hit from behind
  • frame: 0345-0379 get hit from front
  • frame: 0385-0419 get hit from left
  • frame: 0425-0459 get hit from right
  • frame: 0539-0613 idle (loop)
  • frame: 0695-0754 jump
  • frame: 0760-0839 roar
  • frame: 0845-0863 roll start
  • frame: 0864-0875 roll (loop)
  • frame: 0897-0971 roll end
  • frame: 1004-1033 run (loop)
  • frame: 1104-1143 shuffle left (loop)
  • frame: 1229-1268 shuffle right (loop)
  • frame: 1315-1394 slap belly
  • frame: 1400-1494 spawn
  • frame: 1500-1564 spawn ceiling
  • frame: 1570-1639 stomp
  • frame: 1704-1763 strafe left (loop)
  • frame: 1889-1948 strafe right (loop)
  • frame: 2015-2092 swipe
  • frame: 2159-2218 walk (loop)

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