Add a professional touch to your game project with this low poly, hand painted metal dungeon door. You should find this item easy to reshape and alter as needed or it can just be used as is.

To achieve the look as seen on the preview images the model needs to be self illuminated (flat shaded) to some degree in what ever 3D software or engine you are using. It comes in a range of formats that will easily import to all major 3D software packages or game engines out there.

Buy this item to download the model and accompanying files together with the license to use the work in a project (see license description).

Animation List:


  • Frame 005-012: snap open
  • Frame 012-020: slam shut
  • Frame 025-060: open slowly
  • Frame 080-090: close


  • Frame 090-102: snap open
  • Frame 102-110: slam shut
  • Frame 115-170: open slowly
  • Frame 170-180: close

Broken Door Animation List

  • Frame 001-015: burst open (there are 2 versions of this model, one opens inwards, one outwards)