Low Poly Micro Bat Vlad

Low Poly Micro Bat Vlad

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This is low poly micro bat Vlad! He throws the best partys over at the castle he lives in… which often gets him in trouble as it’s not his castle.

He has a similar rig to the other micro creatures and can easily be animated.

As a side note I should add that Blender users will not get access to the rig nor the animation when buying this model until Blender has an .fbx importer.

Update: Animations added!

  • frame: 000-009 BindPose
  • frame: 010-065 IdleFlying
  • frame: 066-090 Block
  • frame: 091-110 GetHitFront
  • frame: 111-130 GetHitLeft
  • frame: 131-150 GetHitRight
  • frame: 151-170 Attack
  • frame: 171-240 Panic
  • frame: 241-276 Die
  • frame: 277-354 Talk
  • frame: 355-417 Laugh
  • frame: 418-517 Searching
  • frame: 518-609 InvertPerch
  • frame: 610-672 InvertIdle
  • frame: 673-750 InvertTakeOff

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