Low Poly Micro Knight Balan

Low Poly Micro Knight Balan

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This is low poly micro knight Balan! Sir Balan the brave has seen many battles and won many a glorious victory. There is nothing that can scare him… except for ballroom dancing.

He has a similar rig to the other micro creatures and can easily be animated.

As a side note I should add that Blender users will not get access to the rig nor the animation when buying this model until Blender has an .fbx importer.

Update: Animations added!

  • frame 000-005: BindPose
  • frame 010-070: IdleCombat
  • frame 080-104: Block
  • frame 110-130: GetHitFront
  • frame 140-160: GetHitLeft
  • frame 170-190: GetHitRight
  • frame 200-230: Attack
  • frame 240-288: Panic
  • frame 290-338: Die
  • frame 340-376: Talk
  • frame 380-410: Laugh
  • frame 410-440: AttackSlashL
  • frame 450-480: AttackSlashR
  • frame 490-538: AttackSpin
  • frame 540-570: SwordCheer
  • frame 572-596: Walk

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