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would be great to be able to see the animations…

Yeah, I tried to show the animations in the screen cast. But its a bit hard to see because the framerate is so bad and I kept rotating the viewport… will need to take a new cast some time soon :). Keep in mind too that this was taken in Maya and Maya has sorting problems when it comes to alpha channels so the clipping you see in the Maya view port does not happen in game engines.

Great! Nice model of an awesome pig that will go directly in an unity game! :D

You should provide some screen shoots with different eyes and mouth versions, else one can think the pig will always stay with the eyes closed, when in fact the texture has three types of eyes :D and mouth included

Thanks Doru! :) Will do on the next general overhaul round …

the models great, as are all of your work. the style of each model seems to fit nicely into the same universe.

when using maya could you limit the amount of bones to a vertex to 2, i know it may not be possible but UDK only runs on a 2 bone limit so for example with the snout vertices there being controlled by head, body and snout. on devices such as iphone this translates into the face being distorted considerably.

this is only a small niggle on an otherwise lovely model.

Ah thanks for letting me know. Will overhaul the models when I get the chance! :)

Hi, i’ve bought it but i don’t understand why in unity3d the object seems so: http://www.xspecial.it/micropig.png

It’s an alpha sorting problem. Basically you just need to use two materials on the model in unity. One normal for the solid body parts and one transparent for the hair and such. Hope that helps :)

Thanks for your reply. The problem is on the nose (that is a part of body), not on the transparent parts (they works fine)

EDIT : Sorry, no problem! I’ve done wrong in unity. It’s ok with 2 different materials. Thanks!

Great! Good to hear :).

Hey ,do the DAE conversion for us , thanks

Hi, Can i do me a Mammoth?

Hi, Great and cute low poly pig! I love it! I’ve planned to use it for an android game. I would like to know if I can change some part of the model (I’ve changed the eyes and added two legs) and if I can use it as the main character of this application? May I also change its name (Melvin is really cute, but I have other ideas)? Anyway, your artwort is incredible and I’m going purchase today lots of your low poly models, I really really love them!!!! :bigsmile: Many thanks.

Thank you Andfoggy for the kind words! :) Yes you can alter or rename him in any way you like.

Thank you! I can’t wait to see your other models! ;)