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great Collection :) i’ll wait for the animated version :stress:

Thanks! It might be a little while before I get around to animating them. I tested them in mecanim in the unity 4 demo though and that seems to work great!

Hey bro, is it possible to see the rig and control ? Thanks

It’s the HIK rig that comes with Maya 2013. If you don’t have Maya 2013, the rig won’t work for you. If you do, then you can check it out yourself by just loading one into your scene. Just go to Windows > Animation Editors > HumanIK. Then just create a skeleton, create a control rig and have a play :).

Any date on a possible animated version? I notice some similar human models have recently been animated, so I assume these will soon?

Another day or two!

There seem to be some problems with the cue… so it might be a little while longer :/ I’ll let you know!

Wonderful pack!!

Thank you!

This package was a 5 star before adding the animations, but now that they’ve got animated, awesome, thank you ;)

cheers! :)

Hi , I’m interested in these but was just wondering do the animations work in Unity’s legacy animation?

Unfortunately not. Sorry about that. :/

Awesome characters!! :D

cheers :)