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very nice work man. super impressive :)

Thanks man :)

This kit is looking pretty decent. A nice “starting point” for people to get assets, and jump in – I like it a lot.

You mentioned that as you complete new items they’ll jump in here – if someone were to purchase it early, and changes were made, do they need to purchase those separately?

Thanks, keep up the great work.

Thanks for your kind words! You don’t have to buy it again or purchase things separately when I update the set. Even if the price goes up the download remains available.

Hi – I purchased this wanting to use it in Unity. I notice that Unity Prefabs arent included in this pack (but assume they are if purchased through the asset store).

Is it possible to get these from you?


Contact me via email (on my profile page) then I can send you the file.

i will buy it right now if you can provide high res textures

512×512 and 1024×1024

thank you

All textures in there are at least 512×512. Some of the bigger elements have 1024×1024


I recently purchased this pack from TurboSquid, was so impressed I went to find your portfolio and noticed this one has been updated with more stuff.

If it is not too much trouble could you update the version on TurboSquid with the new items (doors etc..)?


Done. Thank you for your kind words and purchase. Please rate :).

hi there

love your work and thinking to purchers, but are there any .obj format? if yes i will buy more items.

Also is it allow to use in my iphone game which Licence i should pay for? thanks

Hi Aklau,

Thank you! Yes, .obj and fbx files are included :). As for the licences… a game for sale would fall under the extended licence and a free game under regular.

Hi Bitgem, I want to buy your Dungeon Builder Starter Kit from the Unity Asset Store, but I was comparing it with your version on 3DOcean and the Unity version doesn’t have the Wood door, Metal Door and Stone Door. Are you going to include them on the Unity package?

It would be amazing to have this in Collada DAE to download too :inlove:

I exported them all in one file… hope that works for you as there is no export script that lets me do them all as batch export as .dae