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Elegant and clean style. You can learn so much from this work. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you very much!

You are a great guy! Thanks

  • Good job
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Thank you very much!

Looks really great!

Thanks !! I´m glad you liked

Will this work in c4d?

You can export all objets to .obj format file. so you can import the objects in cinema 4d but not the lights and cameras.

Kinda bummed cuz it donest come with the land just the trees and the other assets like the windmill.

There are several 3D files in them right sections are all objects. windmill including the factory and all objects.

Is there a way I can get a version for an earlier version of 3DS? I have a 2013 version and can’t open it. :\

I can send you a new version with .3ds format to open in 3DS max 2013. Please contact me in amdisenio@gmail.com – I’ll be happy to solve your problem.

Nice and clean!

Thank you so much !! :D


Can you animated this landscape? Can pay extra. Please mail me suponix at gmail

Can i use this in blender software?

Hi The files are .max & .obj If you use blender you can import the objects (the geometry) with .obj file, but no the ilumination system, materials in vray. For a full experience maybe you need 3dsmax and vray software.

can i use this in cinema4d? or after effects if i use element3d??

Hello @AmaraBlack Low poly nature pack have been created in 3dsmax software. You can animate and then use export options or use the .obj files to open the 3D geometry in another software which you wish. Although if you have some problem I can help you and provide the files that you will be required.

Option 1: work in 3dsmax. Option 2: Import .obj files into another 3D software.

Great thank you, I’m going to purchase it and if i have problems ill let you know. Many thanks

Ok thanks.

Can i buy the background and the images instead of buying the 3D ? I want to use it in my themeforest theme.

If you want the photos I can upload them to Photodune.

Awesome… i cant find the hdri though?Is it in a different link?

I can send you the files.

i use 2014, but i can’t open it

Hello, I can provide you 2014 file. Give me a email to send you the files please.

tofu761127@gmail.com thank you very much!!!!!

could you tell me or give a tutorial how to render and create material for “low poly look” i have desprres for creating it :(

As far as I can tell from downloading this, all the materials are empty. Is there something I am missing? Does it require a plugin I don’t have? Is it possible to get a version that is without those extra elements. I primarily use blender, when that .obj import didn’t work, I opened it in 3DS Max and it still looked like the materials were empty. I appreciate the help.

Hello, I can provide you the item prepared to blender software, in a few hours i send you the files. Sorry for the complications.

That’s awesome. Thanks so much!


tmike85 Purchased

Hi, i loved your design..its beautiful..I am planning to purchase it..

can you make the water animate to make it flowing water and send me the files..

Hi, I saw your comment but i can´t wrote you yesterday. I am glad that you love my item Low Poly nature pack.

To animate the water you can use a parametric modifier into (3dsmax) called Wave. I am very busy now and I have not time to work in another thing but you can But you can ask me whatever you want and I’ll try to help you get it . regards.


tmike85 Purchased

Hi i just bought your design. I am using 3dsmax 2016..

I am getting some errors while opening – Missing dlls and missing external files.

What should i do? You can reply via mail on – mihir.thkr@gmail.com

Ok, see your email, please.


al404 Purchased

I try to open the obj file in blander but I can’t see anything. Do you know if is not compatible with blander?

Please tell me your email to share with you the files, thanks!


al404 Purchased

this is my email alain@dev4web.it thanks

Ok, Done