Low Poly Vehicle (HatchBack)

  • Software
    • Blender 2.78c (x64)
  • Polygons
    • Triangles: 1,991
    • Faces: 1,131
    • Vertices: 1,162
    • Objects (Frame + (Wheels x 4)): 5
  • File formats
    • .unitypackage (Unity Package File, Unity Asset) Export version 5.6.0 f3
    • .fbx (Multi format)
    • .3ds (Multi format)
    • .obj (Multi format)
    • .blend (Project file)
  • Materials
    • Standard Surface Material (Blender Internal).
    • Unity Standard Shader Material.
  • Game friendly
    • Mobile game friendly.
    • Unity Game Engine ready.
    • Unity Package file bundle available.
    • Single Material: Single material for all objects, therefore can be instanced and transformed independently inside Unity or any game engine of your choice without the additional draw call.
    • Single Texture: Single texture file for optimal game performance.
    • Square Texture: Texture in square resolution for texture compression compatibility.

Disclaimer: Malong Brothers is not in any way affiliated to Unity Technologies nor was this product created using the Unity Game Engine. This specific product only provides a file of type “unitypackage” which is Unity Game Engine’s default archive extension for the customer’s ease of import to the Unity Game Engine if the customer prefers. Malong Brothers will not be held responsible or liable for any damages to your Unity Project File/s.

Note: The customer must be aware that the actual product may not look like the preview and promotional images. These images are post production and results may vary with different software and rendering engines.

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