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Thank you very much! I’ve been looking for this in the web for a long time and never found anything, just separate pieces of information, very hard… here I have it all together and very easy! Thanx!!!!!

I’m very happy that this asset was so useful for you. It was the intention that my research was useful for others in the same need. Thanks for your comment! :)

Great step-by-step tutorial, very useful and well-written. It saved my life, since I’m a noob with Unity, Blender and Qubicle and couldn’t find how to make my characters with those tools to get that voxel feeling in the game I’m developing.

In short, I highly recommend this asset to inexperienced artists, programmers, and general enthusiasts alike who wish to save time on project development!

Thanks for your comment and recommendation MindlessFun! And great to see this asset was helpful to you! :)

Hi, i found very useful the tutorial for my project and the model included in it, but i have a few questions:

1.- Can i apply this tutoral for other biped characters created in qubicle, with separated elbows and shoulders, like stonehearth characters seen in this video? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWD4hX7il78)

2.- Can i import premade animations from mixamo or another asset por unity asset store?

Thanks in advance and greetings

Hi Cyrano!

1.- yes, the technique includes a separation of limbs like in stonehearth videos while provides the global steps to follow to get any biped character to be fully animated. So I think if you want characters like in stonehearth this tutorial is for you.

2.- The tutorial is a “workflow” step-by-step that tries to give a series of steps to get a voxel character rigged with blender and ready to use in unity. If you use mixamo, the steps are similars, but for example, the first part about Qubicle, will not be used, and you could start from the blender part. Take into account that the models I saw in mixamo use to be a unique mesh and not a character created with limbs.

Thanks and hope I help you with your questions :)

Hi again,

I was doing step by step this tutorial arranging it for my project model, but I found several issues when I import to unity and configure the mecanim tab, the problem I saw was “Character is not in T pose”, I’ve looked in detail my model in blender and everything is “ok”, watching if it could be an issue with naming bones and different parts of my model. I`ll show some screenshots displaying my issues:

http://s3.postimg.org/vfam7u8o3/Untitled_QBUWorkflow_PC_Mac_Linux_Standal.png http://s11.postimg.org/p7bfd7r37/Untitled_QBUWorkflow_PC_Mac_Linux_Standal.png http://s18.postimg.org/k9jspbxe1/Untitled_QBUWorkflow_PC_Mac_Linux_Standal.png

Hi Carlos,

I saw my model parts and the separate names and they are right :\ I´ll give another try and look what is wrong, I´ve seen you are living in Madrid, I´m Spanish too. We can speak Spanish if you prefer or I can send you a mail to keep in contact each other and show you more advance. I´m working on an indie console project and I think it could be easier.

In Spanish: miraré de nuevo el modelo que tienes en el tutorial para encontrar el error que pueda tener con el nombre de cada una de las piezas matriz, con respecto a los huesos de la mano en mi modelo los he nombrado exactamente como aparecen en tu tutorial de todas formas he asignado los huesos de la mano (falanges, pulgar etc) a una única pieza que se llama “hand_R” por ejemplo , siguiendo las pautas que marcas en el tutorial. También he copiado las piezas separadas de mi modelo en el fichero que hay de blender con el modelo “BlondHero” y he ido revisando y aún así me da error, de todas formas no estoy del todo muy seguro posiblemente sea que no he asignado bien algún nombre como dices y se me haya podido escapar. Revisaré lo que me cuentas y te digo.

Un saludo

Hi Cyrano, please write me an email directly and we talk in spanish, here (for other people) better maintain our writing in english :)

btw, one thing wrong I see is that you’re assigning all the bones in the hand and the tutorial doesn’t say that. You should assign only the hand bone to the hand skin (and if you want to get fingers, assign each finger bone to its corresponding finger skin).

As I said, you could write me a direct email and we continue in spanish If you continue with problems ;)


Ok i´ll send you a mail to keep in contact.

Hi, i’m having some problems trying to import the model to blender correctly. When i export it from Qubicle i’m marking the position in “as specified” option (i’m working with the last version of Qubicle and this is not the same version than the tutorial one):


but when i import the obj to blender my model doesn’t maintain the position and the different matrix pile up all toghether like this:


otherwise the textures are not showing:


PS: Sorry for my english, i’m spanish.

I’m trying to do a ragdoll with the model in Unity. With downloaded models i have not any trouble to do it, but my model doesn’t work correctly. I know the question is not exactly about the product but if you can help me could be awesome.

This is how I make the ragdoll: https://snag.gy/v30OD9.jpg And this is it falling with another one who is working correctly: https://snag.gy/o4nD1m.jpg

Could you help me???

Hi Tony, sorry but I don’t have much experience with rag dolls, but I used other Unity assets (like FinalIK) that was behaving like expected (making the bone chain working as expected). So sorry, not be of great help, but don’t much about it.

I understood, don’t worry, I will try FinalIK, thank you anyway!

Ha-ha! Funny! He is following the point. Never seen such before! :-D