Question Mark Game Block

Question Mark Game Block

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A high/low resolution golden-era game block with a question mark, maybe for your next platformer?


> .FBX, .OBJ and Maya files with different versions of the box
  (see next sections for details)
> Low poly & high poly versions
> Fully UV-mapped geometry in case you want to apply textures to it
> Organized Photoshop texture template with occlusion & UV wireframe
> Scene set up for fast rendering with mental ray using standard
  materials (Blinn) in full HD
> Everything in the scene properly named and organized.
> Additionally a Maya scene with lighting & environment setup only
> Ready to render with everything place; textures, lighting, settings


There are three different versions of the block depending on your needs:

> gamebox-questionmark-block-segment         (obj, fbx, ma)
    Just a single side of the cube with the question mark, in case you only need one side or want to make the cube yourself.
> gamebox-questionmark-block-grouped         (fbx, ma)
  The six single segments grouped together to a cube without merging the vertices together. useful, if you want to change just one side of the cube with something different.
> gamebox-questionmark-block-combined        (obj, fbx, ma)
  The block as two combined meshes, one for the block itself, the other for the question-marks (in case you want to hide them). Easy to handle and to import into your favorite application (e.g. drag-n-drop into Photoshop without hassles)
The obj-files come in both low-res (11,744 triangles) and high-res (186,752 triangles). Since the .fbx and .ma files are easily "up-rezzed" by using a Mesh Smooth operation, there is no need to include high-res versions of the block.
In case you are using an older Maya version (prior Maya 2014), you might get a warning when opening one of the files. This is okay, because everything in the scene is very downwards-compatible.