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You’ve beat me to it. I’m uploading a business card presentation kit at this moment :). Great Job BTW .

Thank you, and I’m sorry for this situation… I’ve been there myself and it was such a bizarre feeling, but hey, coincidences happen all the time :) I’m eager to see your item!

Unfortunately mine probably won’t ever sell as I used Modo to design this kit, and from what I’ve seen there are just a few Modo models around here and they don’t really sell because most of the buyers prefer 3dsmax or maya. I worked in both, but when I found Modo I had that feeling of finally finding my place, so I’m publishing my creations for fun I guess…

Anyways, good luck with your kit’s approval and I’m hoping to see it real soon!

Don’t worry. It’ll start selling. There’s always someone that needs it or will want to learn from it. Mine is made in C4D (don’t know if it’ll sell either) but let’s see what happens. It’s been in the queue for a couple of hours.
Wish you good sales.

Well, in that case I wish you good sales, too :)

Great idea! Will be useful for sure! Btw, I love you spirit :)

Thank you :D


t-cal Envato Team

Woofy31 please do get in touch with me in case you need any help with the conversion of your file to a broader spectrum of file-formats.

Cheers, CB.

Hi great job, very nice presentation, i just looking for something like this, but i would need a 3ds max format file :(

I’m sorry but I can’t seem to find any possible way of converting my files to 3dsmax :(

This looks ace! if only cinema4d. Great work though

Thank you :)

Made me get a copy of Modo – just need to try and work it out ha. I’ll be back for this once I have sold a couple more items.

Hi, I do not find the 3D file, I bought believing it had the file in C4D



You should have looked on the item’s info (on the right) before you purchased, because it clearly says:

3D File Formats Included: .lxo (modo) Created In: modo 401

There’s no c4d file, because it was made using Modo. The 3d file has the .lxo format. I don’t work with c4d because I don’t have that software and I don’t know how to work with anything else besides Modo :(

Hi, never heard of this program, already researched to see if there was a trial, but nothing more and buy a thing of no use to me,



There is a trial for Modo at the address below. It will probably ask you to create a free account before you can download the trial ;)


Hi Woofy31, I did the installation, and then exported in all possible formats, which has been the best. ”.DAE” could open in Cinema 4D and is very good with this comment I hope to help you sell more, congratulations for the work

best regards


I’m glad you managed to open it :) Thanks, and have a great and Happy New Year!

Awesome work! Looks great and very useful! Like it!!! :)

Thank you :)

I would be interested in buying this if it was in Blender. Ideally I would buy this, replace the images, and just be able to do the rendering it for free (without having to buy additional software). Blender 3D is a free 3D graphics software. Would you be able to offer that.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time nor a valid reason to learn a new 3D software, I’m sorry :( Learning a new 3D software requires a lot of investment, even if it’s free.

I completely understand. Just something to consider to consider since the number of people who could then buy your stuff would go from just the number of people who have modo to everyone.