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Very Nice Scene and best of hdr lighting setup

thank for sharing for us

Super! How to reduce the brightness of the light?

01- you press the 8 or open the environment editor from render slots

02-drag and drop the vray hdr to metarials editor.(pls instance copy)

03-go to the parameters and progressing. you can see overel mult and render mult you cahange these parameters

If you have problem . I will send to using video

pls rate this product for me

and download this video I made using video for you


)) Thanks! I appreciate it and put the highest rating!

Beautiful work! :)

thank you kvancho

Your image showed white teapots. I don’t see that here. Can you provide that as well. Thanks!

please rate it ?f you like

I am getting an error message: http://imgur.com/rqFkiLh. Any ideas on how to fix it? Thanks!

link is eror

what is problem sent it screenshot araspicture@gmail.com

Thanks for the quick response. I was able to fix it. Thanks!

Hey Araspicture, can you provide some details on how to “How to reduce the brightness of the light?” as SimoNovak asked. Perhaps you can share that video tutorial you made again.