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This is better than Studio lighting professional 3ds max vray (light and dark background) ? Regards

it is nice because this scene more realistic ? used vray light and this scene include light riging and this scene is very good white objects glass object other scene is only hdr lighting sof effects and soft lighting but ? can say to you two scene is very very good render setups they are amazing try and see it is very fast render from all other people scene my scenes is very good vray optimize

Same here, just bought it and it does not work for me neither….. :-(

Oh my god what is problem i will solve your problem fastly please sent me screen to araspicture@gmail.com

? am waiting your problem scene is normally working…..

I will buy it when you offer a pack of plastic, metal, brush metal, glass object materials for your scenes, with a price less than 8.00 dolars. Think about it. Or recommend a good pack of material that we can buy here in 3DOCEAN that can work perfectly in your scenes. Regards

? can prepare good metarials you have time ? can add in 2 days

Ok. I can wait for it. Let us know ! Regards

materials added?

sorry not now

hi what is the difference between this and your other one no. 7036781 ?

http://3docean.net/item/studio-lighting-professional-3ds-max-vray/7036781 http://3docean.net/item/studio-scene-setup-for-vray/9231981

? think this studo solve your problem Also ? will online supoort on my pc when you want you can directly contact imgestudyo@gmail.com

? will supoort and ?f you need extra info about studio setup ? will do

Good, Any of these must purchase for product visualizing?

? think two studio setup solve your problem but you can select http://3docean.net/item/studio-scene-setup-for-vray/9231981

because more control this scene

This is a little more quality because this is light studio setup but a little slowly but other is fast and hdr studio setup ..

Very nice render setup! If it’s good for Max 2016 with V-Ray 3.3 and new physical camera?

Ok i think you search some other scene. Thank you

Can’t find, but thank you!

If I have time I can support with my scene to you but now no time but you can change a little changes in scene it is easy …