Surface Clone C4D materials

Surface Clone C4D materials

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Surface Clone C4D Materials by DVNTart

This pack contains some 70+ of the most well made materials for Maxon’s Cinema 4D; on the internet today. Each material is crafted with a specific purpose and with genuine care. No detail is missed, procedural textures are designed to look good and render quickly.

Materials based on textures come complete with color, normal,bump, specular and diffusion maps. Giving you an amazing looking texture. These materials cut the fat and go straight to the meat of the problem when it comes to creating realistic materials. The problem is always: how does a material absorb and reflect light. And a lot of materials for sale o don’t really address this problem. Not here! I have taken great care to make sure these materials absorb, reflect and cast light and shadow. That’s why these materials render quickly and look good. Take a look at the examples below: None of those renders had any GI or Ambient Occlusion turned on, just the material applied to an object and a single light source.

This pack is made to compliment your existing collection with the best materials for you to experiment with. It includes metallic and plastic paints. All sorts pf realistic metals, from gold to a grungy steel, glass, wood, sand, and even some out of this world textures. All of them are high resolution and high quality. USE them in your motion graphics projects to make: VFX, titles, bumpers, intros and more!!

What’s in the pack:

  • 70+ textures
  • A Lib4D file
  • A starter guide

These materials for C4D are :

  • All tileable
  • High Resolution
  • Physically correct
  • fast to render
  • Made to the highest standard

Materials that use textures also include:

  • A tileable HD Color Map
  • Normal Map
  • Diffusion Map
  • Specular maps
  • bump maps

C4D compatibility:

Surface Clone C4D materials are compatible with C4D R11 and above! Enjoy!

Any questions—just feel free to PM me directly.

Live well, and happy rendering everybody!

Free Studio and Texture Download! Instead of including the studio in the purchase I will give you a professionally built and textured studio set up for free! No need to purchase. Use it commercially or for your projects! This studio is set up to render beautiful shadows and gradients. Get it FREE now! Download:

DVNTart Materials!

Surface Clone Example: realistic metal and rock shaders

Surface Clone Example: subsurface scattering in wax and wall material

Surface Clone Example: Metallic paint shaders.

Surface Clone Example: Plastic paint shaders.