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Great work. Love it VERY much! Thank you.

We are glad you liked it! Thank you for your comment! ;)

Excellent Work , Inspiring_ Thank you for Sharing :)

Our pleasure. Thank you for your comment. :)

Hola buen día por favor descargue la plantilla del modelado 3d, pero no se como editar, y como cambiar color de las camisetas y agregar logos y lo demas me podrian ayudar con un tutorial por favor. Gracias

Hola ELYSSTUDIO! Los archivos están en formatos universales como DAE, OBJ y 3DS. Pueden ser importados en casi cualquier programa de 3D, ahí puedes aplicar texturas que apliquen al modelo. La imagen “StudioOchi_Texture-05” es una plantilla donde indica donde poner los diseños en frente, atras, mangas y etiqueta. Aplicando un diseño adaptado a la plantilla como los otros ejemplos, la playera mostrará éste. - Buena suerte!

What software do i need to use this? Thanks

Native files are for Blender but almost any 3D software is possible since we uploaded many formats, most of them universal.

same question how can i edit files and how can i upload 3d files like on facebook or some where else.

1. In general you can open these files in almost any 3D software, using DAE, OBJ or 3DS files you should be able to import them anywhere. 2. For posting thes on facebook, maybe you can follow the instructions here (not our content): https://www.digitalartsonline.co.uk/news/hacking-maker/artists-can-now-post-interactive-3d-models-straight-facebook/ - Good luck!

Please provide guidance on how to use this

Hello jamshedchhapra! The files provided are exported to universal files like DAE, OBJ and 3DS. These can be imported in almost any 3D software, there you can apply textures to every model. The image “StudioOchi_Texture-05” is the layout that says where to place your designs in front, back, tag and sleeves. Applying your design following the layout, as the rest of the examples included, the t-shirt will show your desing. - Best Regards

How can we add any Design on the Mockup?

Hello there! The files have all the designs included and shown in the 3D model. In order to change these, you need to select each, t-shirt’s material and replace the texture with your own design. Please beware that the design must follow the UV layout as provided. Good luck!

How do I add this to my website’s marketplace as a way for customers to design their own t-shirts?

Hello, SiyftheMoorishScientist! I think you may need some HTML coding there, we are not very familiar with that, though.