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Guitarjock (Eric Morris) is a multi-instrumentalist and has been composing and recording music for over 28 years. His main instruments are the guitar, piano, keys and drums. He has written music for independent artists and video game producers. He has also written a large number of personal rock and progressive metal songs that you can listen to at Guitarjock is currently working on two original commercial music projects; one is a pop dance project and the other is symphonic rock.

What’s great is that you can now find guitarjock right here on audiojungle! He enjoys creating corporate motivational, pop, dance/trance, and rock tracks. But you will find many more genres created by guitarjock. Of special note are his WorldBeat and Ethnic tracks in which he often employs real world instruments like classical guitar, west african drums, and flute just to name a few.

You can contact guitarjock by email at Guitarjock would like to thank you for checking out his royalty free music.

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EDITS: If you purchase one of my audio files and need help with cut points or would like it looped, or if you purchased a VH item that had a preview of my song in it, and you need it edited to fit, just drop me an EDIT REQUEST at Please include whether you would like your edits in WAV or MP3 and include the MINUTES and SECONDS from the start of the song at which you would like the CUT POINTs. If you would just like loops and aren’t sure where they should start and end, I can pick the most effective loop points for you. And best of all Most edits are free! Pretty much, all edits are free, as long as you don’t have me re-writing the whole song for you.


Please feel free to use any of my tracks in your videos. You can download the watermarked versions for free (using the download button on the track page on the right side of the player). Please send me a link to your video on videohive which uses my music and I will link to it from here. All I ask is that you provide a link to my audiojungle portfolio in the description of the video. Promotion for us both!

VIDEOHIVE PROJECTS in which my music is used:


Don’t Forget to Check out my ROCK PICKS from across the JUNGLE!!:

Say hello to my AJ Radio project! I have decided to create some videocasts on YouTube for you to listen to. Each cast has 15 minutes of the best new tracks in their respective categories here on the Jungle.

Here’s the link to the latest videocast:

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