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Chemical CRM

Do you know, There are more than 2.5 Million chemicals are available in the market. It’s difficult to manage chemicals and their suppliers & customers.

Through Chemicals CRM, You can manage all your chemicals, suppliers & their chemicals, Customers & their chemicals, all inquiries, supplier purchase orders, customer sales orders, Inventory and all your business documents. There is powerful filtering functionality where you can search each chemicals supplier and customers or search suppliers and customers by chemicals.

  • Chemicals: Manage all your chemicals’ Databases in one place. It becomes easy to access the information regarding any chemical at any time. You can also manage the suppliers for specific chemicals.
  • Suppliers: Manage all your suppliers’ details and their chemicals & purchase orders.
  • Customers: Manage all your customers’ details and their chemicals & sales orders.
  • Purchase Order: Manage the supplier’s purchase order and it’s delivery schedules. Receive notification or email on expected delivery date.
  • Sales Order: Manage customers’ sales orders and also track it with the specific purchase order. Receive notification or email on expected shipment date.
  • Inventory: Track and manage the inventory of chemicals based on the purchase and sales orders.
  • Inquiries: Keep track of all inquiries and manage it’s activities that have been generated from different sources. you can also set reminder on specific date to get notification or email to user.
  • Invoices: Easily download/print sales order invoice.
  • Document Library: Manage all your business documents at a central place and accessible from anywhere. As per your requirement, you can share the documents to your employees.
  • Reminder Scheduler: You can set recurring Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, Yearly or Specific Date reminders in the system to get notification or email.
  • Dashboard: Quick Statistics of Total Inquiry, Chemical, Supplier, Customer, Latest Inquires, Reminders, Recent sales order expected shipment, Recent purchase order expected delivery and monthly inquiry statistics.
  • Support Multiple Language: By default, the application comes with English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Portuguese and Turkish languages. You can add a new language in just minutes.
  • Powerful Search: Powerful filtering functionality where you can search each chemicals supplier and customers or search suppliers and customers by chemicals.
  • User & Role Management: Admin can create User and Role via admin panel and assign roles to users.
  • Permissions: You can give staff specific permissions on what they can do or can’t do. Role and User permissions can be overridden for each staff member.
  • High Performance: Chemical CRM is lightweight and has lightning fast performance and page load time out of the box.
  • Email: Setup predefined email templates from text editor, Manage email SMTP and send predefined email template to supplier/anyone by one click.
  • Professional Design: Chemical CRM is built with professional design and enterprise level architecture.
  • Full Source Code: You will get the full Source Code of Chemical CRM and build versions for SQL Server and MySql database provider.
  • Easy Installation: Follow the easy instructions and install Chemical CRM on the server within minutes. No coding knowledge is required.

File Sharing – YourDrive

YourDrive is a self-hosted documents and folders sharing platform. You can easily host it without any coding knowledge. It allows you to upload multiple files and folders and share with unlimited users. you can copy and move folders or documents in other folder in the drive. you can download documents and folders in the drive and also you can preview documents. User can write comments on the document and also send document via email.

  • Easy Installation
  • Upload or Drag and Drop unlimited files or folders in YourDrive.
  • You can share Files & Folders to unlimited users in the system.
  • Preview Uploaded files including audio,video, image, text, pdf and all the Microsoft Office Documents.
  • As you share files or folders, It will automatically appear to the shared Users.
  • As you share files or folders, shared Users get instance notification.
  • You can search uploaded or shared files and folders in the system.
  • Share using Link
  • Copy or Move Files and Folders within the System.
  • File Versioning
  • From the System you can download multiple files or folders in the same structure you have uploaded.
  • Users can add/view multiple comments on the file.
  • You can send email attached with System File or Folder to anyone.
  • Starred Document or Folder.
  • Mobile Compatible.

User Management

User management is developed in .Net 5 and Angular, that allows you to easily manage user and role based authentication and authorization. If you want to start new project, then it would be perfect solution for you because Its developed base on enterprise level standard for both .Net 5 and Angular 11. User Management also comes with fully documented JSON API which allows you to easily authenticate users from your mobile (or any other) application.

  • Seamless security, OAuth social authentication and role based access privilege authorization.
  • Standards based code structure, easy to understand and customize.
  • Easy setup, member management and built-in integrations.
  • Facebook and Google login, login activity logs and session management.
  • Multi-language Support

Document Management

Document management Provide facility to share document with specific user or role with spacific a period of time. You can upload unlimited documents by category, view document, search document by category and name. Admin can view document audit trail.

  • Upload and View Document
  • Share document with user and role.
  • Share document with start and end date.
  • Document notification to user when admin shared the document.
  • Document category.
  • Document Audit trail.

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