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Quick Code is an advanced QR Code designing platform, it can build customized and unique QR Codes. With rich feature set, such as logos, stickers, and outlined shapes. You can build eye catching QR codes, which result in a higher conversion rate.

Add beautifull stickers with text to QR codes to make it even more appealing

Add text – in your native language – along with your QR code, the text feature supports almost every language. You can choose your preferred font from 1400+ supported fonts.

Font feature is built on top of Google fonts, no API key is required to use this feature.

Complex layout languages are supported, like Arabic, Urdu and Farsi, along with Chinese, Japanese, Hindi and all of Latin languages.

Make your QR codes unique with many custom patterns

Instead of building QR codes with the traditional square pattern, you can choose one of many available patterns and finder shapes.

  • 15 Custom patterns.
  • 9 Finder shapes.
  • 8 Finder dot shapes.

Outlined shapes

Outlined shapes is a special technique that allows us to fill dummy data around your QR code. Choose the right shape that match your business category, and start creating unique QR codes that reflect your business.

Available shapes are:

  1. Circle
  2. Cloud
  3. Shopping Cart
  4. Gift
  5. Cup
  6. T-Shirt
  7. Home
  8. Book
  9. Message
  10. Bag
  11. Truck
  12. Trophy
  13. Umbrella
  14. Van
  15. Watch
  16. Water
  17. Bulb
  18. Sun
  19. Car
  20. Pet
  21. GYM
  22. Salon
  23. Food
  24. Ice Cream
  25. Search
  26. Burger
  27. Apple
  28. Barn
  29. Sun Rise
  30. Star
  31. Realtor
  32. Legal
  33. Juice
  34. Water Glass
  35. Electrician
  36. Plumber
  37. Builder
  38. Home Mover
  39. Cooking
  40. Gardening
  41. Furniture
  42. Mobile
  43. Restaurant
  44. Travel
  45. Dentist
  46. Golf
  47. Pizza
  48. Locksmith
  49. Bakery
  50. Painter
  51. Pest

QR code types

Quick Code comes with many QR code types, every type has its own form fields and the result QR code opens the related app on the user device.

  1. Dynamic URL (dynamic).
  2. VCard (static).
  3. Static Text / URL (static).
  4. Email (static).
  5. SMS (static).
  6. WIFI (static).
  7. WhatsApp (static).
  8. FaceTime (static).
  9. Location (static) with ability to select the application (Google Maps, Waze, or device default app).
  10. Event (static) you can set event frequency (yearly, monthly, weekly, daily).
  11. Crypto (static) Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Lite Coin, Dash.
  12. PayPal (static).
  13. Zoom (static).
  14. Skype (static).
  15. Brazilian PIX Payments (static).
  16. Call (static).
  17. Telegram (static).
  18. Messanger (static).
  19. WeChat (static).
  20. Viber (static).

Image fill

Exclusively available with Quick Code, this feature allows you to fill your QR Code with your custom art instead of solid color or gradient fill. QR code pattern would be masked with your image, to create even more unique experience.

Gradient fill

Advanced gradient, you can add as many colors as you want, with easy to use user interface.

QR code with logo

Add your own logo or choose from many predefined logos (28 preset logos available).

You can resize, rotate or move your logo. If your logo is transparent, you can add rounded or square background to it. You can change the backround color of the logo as well.

Content management

Quick Code comes with many modules to help you customize your content. Blog posts and dynamic pages are server side rendered to help you with SEO.

You can create unlimited pages right from within your admin panel, and keep your pages intact even after software update.

It is possible to edit the meta description for every page / blog post which is essential for SEO.

Translation support

Once you install the application, you will get many languages added automatically for you. You can add your own translation by modifiying a single json file.

Auto translation feature is built using Google translation API. Instead of writing all translation lines yourself, you can add your language and auto translate it with a single click.

These languages are added by default:

  1. Chinese Simplified
  2. Japanese
  3. Norwegian
  4. Turkish
  5. Swedish
  6. Vietnamese
  7. Italian
  8. Hindi
  9. German
  10. French
  11. Spanish
  12. Portuguese
  13. English (Default – read only).

Integrate with your own app with built-in API

Every single function of the application is built using its API, however, the API documentation is work in progress and is available on Demo Api Docs.

If you feel this feature is essential for you, leave us a comment so we can prioritize our work on the docs.

Easy to use UI / UX

QR Code generation is built on multiple steps, to make the process easier, every step is focused on a single task.

The UI is carefully crafted from ground up, we did not build it based on any template, dashboard pages and even data tables are mobile first, and work very well on desktops and on large screens (e.g. iMac).

Most of the advanced design features are available on the home page, so guest users can test out all the features before signing up.

Start your own business with Quick Code

Quick Code is a SaaS script, so it supports user registration and user managment (sign up, reset password, login).

PayPal payment gateway integration

Just drop your PayPal API credentials and get the whole payment process working. No need to register any webhooks manually. Built with PayPal subscription API, you can get your clients subscription renewed automatically without even visiting the website.

Stripe payment gateway integration

Get your stripe payment ready to go in just a few minutes. Drop your API credentials and let Quick Code do the rest! We used Stripe subscription API instead of one time payment API, so the subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription cycle.

Offline payment gateway

Receive payments via your bank account or any other way, the customer uploads a proof of payment, and you may approve or reject the transaction. Once the transaction is approved, a subscription will be created automatically.

Other features

  • Dynamic sitemap.
  • Change the script colors and add your own branding to it.
  • Advanced favicon configuration available to enable your website to be added to the client device home screen in a beatiful way.
  • Built-in captcha (there is no need to obtain 3rd party keys to use captcha).
  • Disable or enable the frontend, usefull if you want to use your own theme or CMS (e.g. Wordpress) and keep the script for dashboard use only. Check out this guide.
  • Disable or enable new user registrations.
  • Menu builder: add your customer portal link or your company contact links to the clients dashboard sidebar.
  • Each frontend generator has it’s own editable page which could help you with SEO. Links can be translated from the System Settings > Pages tab.

We are happy to hear your thoughts

We are open to feature requests and user feedback. We listen carefully to our customers words, if you have any feature you would like to see added, please let us know, we will be very happy to hear it!

Support and docs

For bug reports and feature requests please use our customer portal.

For documentation and user guides please refer to: https://docs.quickcode.digital

What our customers say

We would like to highlight some of nice comments our happy customers left us. Never forget to read rest of customer reviews.

Customer testimonial

Customer testimonial

Customer testimonial

Thank you!

If you have reached this far reading about Quick Code, we would like to say Thank you! And we will be looking forward to having you one of our customers ;)


Demo URL: https://demo.quickcode.digital/

Updates publishing

Starting from v1.15 we are releasing a new version every week once. We believe this would allow our customers enough time to install and test out new features.

We think that on Saturday many of us would have some free time to upload the update and test out new features. We are likely to publish a release every Saturday.

Before v1.15 we used to publish almost daily releases, we found it difficult for some customers to keep up with all the changes.

Change log

2022-11-12 v1.17.5

  • Performance improvement: added browser text rendering to boost the rendering engine speed, this would make a huge difference with multi text positions stickers like Coupon Sticker.
  • Browser text rendering can be enabled / disabled from System Settings > Advanced (tab) > Performance (section).
  • Login Security: now you can choose to enable login security option to lock the user account after x failed login attempts. Configuration can be found in System Settings > Advanced > Login Security section. This option is disabled by default.
  • Removed: Security tab from System Settings.
  • Added: Advanced tab to System Settings page.
  • Bufgix: app name rendered with double qoutes in notification emails.

2022-11-08 v1.17.4

  • Logout button bugfix when the logout action is redirect to home page.
  • UI Bugfix: in QR code list page, when name is long the layout would result in horizontal scroll on mobile devices.
  • Plan list page: added Trial column, added instructions to keep only a single trial plan.
  • Added: System > Settings > Security tab: you can now set up your password validation rule, you can set min length, and decide whether a special character or a number is required…

2022-11-06 v1.17.3

  • Add how many scans and how many QR codes are left to user account, based on his plan, the widget is added to the left sidebar in the dashboard area.
  • Update translations with missing keys.
  • Added new Custom Code positions to make ad serving possible in different areas of the website.
  • Bugfix: dynamic URL QR code generation fails if the URL is longer than 100 charachters, now this limit has been increaased to 250 and if the destination URL is longer than that it will be silently truncated without causing any server errors.

2022-11-05 v1.17.2

  • Added a link to completly delete a QR code. It is only available when the QR code is archived.
  • Added an option to enable default browser scrollbar.
  • Updated translation files with missing keys.
  • Translation files upgrade framework: whenever we update the translation files in any version, it will be auto updated in your system with database update framework. Before translation updates were available only on fresh installations.
  • Bugfix: added text message to 404 errors.
  • Bugfix: dynamic QR code is saved as static text if the page is changed without pressing next / back button.
  • Bugfix: content blocks in inner pages.

2022-10-30 v1.17.1

  • Added all dynamic pages to sitemap.xml.
  • Bugfix: sitemap.xml fails to render.
  • Bugfix: cannot delete user if scans are made.

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