Aston Martin DBS

Aston Martin DBS

ASTON MARTIN DBS (Rigged and Textured)

Click below to see animated render of this car on YouTube

FULLY TEXTURED (outside and inside)
RIGGED (ready for animation)

This is a beautiful hi – res model of Aston Martin DBS (This car has been featured in a movie “007 Casino Royale”)
Model was created in lightwave 9.6

This model has 2 sets of tires:

4 Highly detailed tires: 127,472 polys
4 Textured tires: 60,692 polys

Model Polygon count:

Car body: 60,692 polys
Set – Floor and Lights: 192 polys

Car body with 4 modeled tires: 188,164 polys
Car body with 4 textured tires: 117,852


This model has lightwave materials applied to
This model has UV maps: Tires side walls, license plate, dashboard, dials

With Scene file you will get:

The scene lit up with real lights (NOT RADIOSITY )
Lights for scene lighting.
Lights for front head light
All the nessasary textures

Car Rig:

Master Mover – moves the whole car
Wheels are spin automatically (Move main mover and keyframe it the “Relativity – Wheel Rotator” will solve wheel rotation)
wheel_steering – rotates front wheels
body_shifter – car tilting front and back (Control for whole car tilting riht and left)
Doors will open only to specific angle of 75 degree
Each brake pad has it’s own placeholder – as a result the wheels will spin, but the brakes will stay in place, but when you will
need to turn wheels the brake pads will turn with the wheels.


Note about obj. files

You will have 3 obj files.
Unfortunately when exporting out of Lightwave in .obj format all you geometry should be on one layer.
so to make life easier I broke model on 3 logical .obj files:

1. aston_martin_dbs_published (obj01 – car).obj – This .obj contains car with hi-res tires
2. aston_martin_dbs_published (obj02 – set and low res tires).obj – This .obj contains set and wheels with ow-res tires
3. aston_martin_dbs_published (obj03 – place holders for brakes (you need them for animation)).obj – This .obj contains placeholders for brake pads (you might need them for animation)




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