BB-8 Star Wars Droid Simple Rigged

BB-8 Star Wars Droid Simple Rigged

Realistic and very detailed BB-8 Star Wars Droid, Simple Rigged on 3ds Max 2016.

  • 3ds Max 2016, with Vray 3.2 render.
  • 3ds Max Accurate Rigging.
  • Model centered at origin and real world scale.
  • Close-ups & macro cameras support.
  • Included obj, fbx and Rhino files (no rigged, no materials)
  • Textures with 4096×4096 px
  • Model created with Rhinoceros. Getting a detail in perfect curves. Based on actual measurements of BB-8 and a large number of reference images. Creating a highly detailed model.

Please watch the video preview and tutorial.

If you need BB8 automatically rotate your body to travel a distance visit the model “Full Rigged”

Star Wars BB-8 Droid Full Rigged


-You can scale to BB-8? Yes. Select ‘ctrl_body_position’ and scale to BB-8.

-How move, rotate or scaling the BB-8 Droid? Select ‘ctrl_position_body’ and move, rotate or scaling the BB-8 Droid.

-How to adjust the rotation of the body? Select ‘ctrl_body_adjustment’ and rotate the body BB-8.

-How BB-8 head is rotated? Select ‘ctrl_head_rotation’ and rotate the head.

-How the head of BB-8 moves? Select ‘ctrl head orientation’ and move the head.

-How the orientation of the secondary camera BB-8 moves? Select ‘ctrl_camera_orientation’ and move the camera.

Notes: In this model, you must move the body rotation manually. For the animation of the body either automatically by displacing BB-8, will have to buy the model ‘BB-8 Star Wars Droid Full Rigged’