All preview images rendered with Octane Render. Plus a few screenshots of the model in the viewports of Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, Unreal Engine, and Element 3D. Enviroments and lighting setups are not included.

[Technical Information]

Real world scale.
    Dimensions: 11.4 cm x 7.6 cm x 9.2 cm.
All geometry is subdivision ready.
    Polycount at subdiv Lv. 0: 3,744 (Base mesh).
    Polycount at subdiv Lv. 1: 14,976 (As shown in the wireframes).
    Polycount at subdiv Lv. 2: 59,904 (As rendered in Octane).
The wings have thickness, and are separate from the body.
The butterfly is animated in a 10 second seamless loop flying semi-randomly in-place (Cinema 4D only, but can be exported as an alembic).
The hair system is only present in the Cinema 4D files.
Includes a Hair Map, which can help you setup hair in your software of choise (for Density/Length).
Includes Substance Painter Project file, so you can easily adjust any of the parameters to create infinite variations of the textures.
Includes Emission Map for the dorsal (top/blue) part of the wings.
Fully unwrapped, non-overlapping UV's.
Polygon selections and Vertex Color tags for all sub-parts, so you can easily separate or re-shade specific parts.
8K PBR Textures.
Normal maps are OpenGL, invert the green channel to convert to DirectX.
No N-gons, Isolated Vertices, or Complex Poles.

[Files Included]

_SPP – Substance Painter project files. You can edit the PBR textures for all file formats bellow, and re-export render engine specific versions (Vray, Unreal Engine, Unity, Redshift, Corona, Arnold, and more). Screnshot attached.

_TEX – Textures exported from Substance Painter and used for all the files bellow. Textures are 4K 16bit png files (Spec/Gloss PBR). Unpack in the root folder. All files point to these textures by default. Screenshot attached.

_TEX_8K – Textures exported from Substance Painter and used for all the files bellow. Textures are 8K 16bit png files (Spec/Gloss PBR). You dont need to download the 8K textures if you dont need as much detail.

_C4D_Octane – Cinema 4D project file with Octane shaders, using the PBR Textures. This is where all the renders come from. Screnshot attached.

_ORBX – Octane Standalone Package with embeded textures (4K). Can be unpacked as an OCS, or imported into any host program running Octane (or Standalone), using the orbx importer.

_C4D – Cinema 4D project file with Physical/Standard shaders using the PBR textures exported from Substance Painter. Screnshot attached.

_FBX – Autodesk FBX exported from C4D. You may need to re-tweak the shaders abit, depending on the program you open it in, but all PBR textures should maintain link.

_OBJ – OBJ/MTL exported from Cinema 4D. Three versions: subdiv Lv. 0 / 1 / 2. All PBR textures still applicable.

_E3D – Ready to use in Video Copilot’s Element 3D, plus an After Effects project file with the model already loaded. Using the OBJ and PBR textures. You may need to re-link the model/textures upon opening it for the first time, so just point to the root folder, where you extracted the OBJ/Texture pack. Screnshot attached.

_MAX – 3ds Max project file with default shaders, using the PBR textures. May need adjustments.

Extra formats with embeded textures at 2K resolution (Metal/Rough PBR): .dae (Collada), .usdz (Pixar/Apple AR), .gltf/.glb (Khronos Group), .uasset (Unreal Engine).