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Is it possible to convert this file into a .DAE file for use in iBooks Author?

Thank you for your purchase. I will look into it and come back to you as soon as possible.

If anyone needs an older After Effects file version, you can contact me and I will send you CS6 project after purchase.

Anyway, please, do not rate this 1/2 starts just because you cannot open it and you do not have After Effects CC. It was made and it is being sold exclusively as an “Element3D” MODEL PRESET and me supplying AEP project is only an act of good will.

The model itself can be loaded through Element 3D plugin no matter of After Effects program version.

Thank you!

Great model.

However, am I the only one experiencing significant loading times importing and when entering/leaving the element 3d scene setup?

I’ve purchased probably a few dozen e3d models from across the web, and this is the only model I seem to have issues with.

Thank you Henry

Dear Henry,

First of all, thank you for your purchase. I have had a buyer before asking me about the “lighter” version of the model since this one is quite high-poly, which might be the reason for the loading times.. I will send you a version with less polygons so you can check it out :)

Regards, Tom

Oh and just one thing, are you importing .obj or .c4d single model file into E3D? C4D should load way faster then OBJ normally would.

Please, contact me over e-mail so I can send you the model. Regards, Tom

Awesome man. It’s great.

Thank you very much :) glad you enjoy it!

Thanks for creating these Element 3D models. I’ve purchased two others and they seem to be working fine, but with this particular model, when I am replacing the screen with a different custom layer, I’m getting an error message that says “After Effects can’t continue: Element plug-in generated an unexpected exception.” and it crashes AE. Any ideas why that might be happening?

Hey zwiggi! Thank you for purchasing! I will check it and come back to you as soon as possible. It is kinda weird since all those models were made using same modeling hierarchy – panel is a simple seperate plane mesh.

Is there something special to know? because this model can’t be loaded in my after effects cc element 3d 1.6 combo (english version)... it loads but is not seen… Am i missing something?

Well, element3d does have to pull the geometry from something. Itself, .E3D file is just a preset, that contains the model materials and setup, geometry is pulled from the outside model data. It is absolutely normal, that is how e3d models work :)

i get it… so it has to be either an obj or a c4d file right? i only used the models from the videocopilot “epack” so i guess this “epack” is a bundle made of e3d and real 3d objects. :)

Exactly :) obj or c4d is what is supported for now in E3D. Anyway, thank you once again :)

I am having the same error as zwiggi mentions above, and it crashes After Effects every time. I appreciate any suggestions you have.

Hey zmcfarlen, thank you for your purchase! I am really sorry that you are experiencing such issues. Could you please send me some screenshots of the problem so I can try to replicate it? Thank you!

Hi, I’m getting the same crashes as mentioned earlier . . . trying to change out the screen and it crashes AE.

Hey jesephnilo, thank you for your purchase. Do you have the latest version of E3D? I am trying to replicate the problem but it all works normally here. What exactly are you replacing your screen texture with?

hi excuse me for this question but it seems quite impossible to display in landscape mode… E3D latest and AE cc2014. There s also a bug when usig camera. the model flips when crossing the 180° axis. Any clue?

Hey gregphulpin, thank you for purchasing and sorry for the inconvenience. You can rotate the horizontal.png image by 90° and it will work – easy way, or you can send me a pm and I will send you a new texture that I will rotate for you. About the flipping bug, it is element3d related, I have asked their support about it and it should be fixed in the new release. You can rotate the model by parameters through e3d instead of camera if you need a quick fix. Regards, Tom

hey, thanx for your answer…I just forgot to rasterize…

No worries, glad you got it sorted :)