All preview images shown are rendered in Octane. Plus some extra screenshots at the end so you can see how the model looks in the viewports of Cinema 4D/Substance Painter/Element 3D.

Nearly identical to the real thing. Real world scale. All the geometry in every file is subdivision ready. Environments and lighting setups are not included, but let me know if you want them aswell. The apple logo on the rear panel is not a polygonal detail, so you can easily change the texture and display whatever you want there.

The renders with the internal detail are coming from textures (included in the _C4D_Octane files only).

There are 2 renders of the display closeup that i made for fun, showing the individual pixels. Thats not entirely accurate, as that pixel matrix represents LCD displays, and the XS Max has an Amoled display. But i thought LCD pixel matrix looked cooler. Its also only present in the Octane files.

Also, i chose to display the iPhone XR’s wallpaper instead, because i didnt like the XS one But thats just a placeholder anyway, as you would probably be replacing it with your own.

Files include:

_C4D_Octane – Cinema 4D project file with Octane shaders. This is where all the renders come from. Make sure you set the Ray Epsilon to 0.00001. Also includes an FBX with the highest fidelity (subdivisions, weights, UV’s, base mesh, and object hierarchy the way it was modeled). Screenshot attached.

Base polycount: 29,592.
Subdiv level 2 (as rendered) polycount: 100,080.
4K Texture Maps.

_ORBX – Octane Standalone Package. Can be unpacked into OCS, or imported.

Polygonal detail on speaker/microphone meshes and LED flash refractor, have been reduced to nomal maps, for all files bellow. Geometry have been baked at Subdiv level 1, but it is still subdivision ready so you can add as much detail for close up renders as you want. Polycount for all files bellow: 20,853.

_SPP – Substance Painter Project file. You can edit the textures and export higher res for all file formats. Screnshot attached.

_DAE_PBR – Collada exported from Substance Painter. Textures are 4K jpg files (Metal/Rough PBR).

_TEX_PBR – Textures exported from Substance Painter and used for all the files bellow. Unpack in the root folder. Textures are 4K png files (Spec/Gloss PBR).

_C4D_PBR – Cinema 4D project file with Physical/Standard shaders, using the pbr textures in the texture pack. Screnshot attached.

_FBX_PBR – Autodesk FBX exported from C4D. You may need to re-tweak the shaders abit, depending on the program you open it in, but all pbr textures should maintain link.

_E3D_PBR – Ready to use in Video Copilot’s Element 3D, plus an After Effects project file with the model already loaded. You may need to re-link the model/textures upon opening it for the first time, so just point to the root folder, where you extracted the pbr texture pack. Screnshot attached.

_OBJ – OBJ/MTL exported from C4D.

If you have any questions or requests, dont hesitate to ask me. Also please consider leaving a like or a comment discussing the model.