3 Laser Guided Bombs pack - 3ds max model

3 Laser Guided Bombs pack - 3ds max model

The laser guided bombs have been developed in Vietnam war era, by the USAF in order to achieve higher bombing precision of the targets. The smart munitions as it is commonly called, was made by adding additional guidance electronic and aerodynamic surfaces onto the existing standard ordinance.

The aircraft or the personnel on the ground, illuminates the target with the laser designator and the bomb guides it self to its target by the on board sensor. The drawback of laser guided bombs is that they are sensitive to weather conditions, such as fog or rain, since the laser light, like any other light gets distorted by the water droplets, reducing the accuracy of the ordinance. However it hit ratio is still high, which makes this weapon one of the most potent ones in the arsenal.

Geometry: polygons
UV mapped: Yes
Textured: Yes
Rigged: No
Animated: No

Note: The retractable wings on the back of the ordinance are separate objects attached to the main mesh. Detach them and use the reactor manager for rigging set up, if needed.

Requires 3D Studio Max to open .max files.

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