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hey bitgem,

is there anyway you know to convert the displacement from the .map format back to a tiff? i don’t have zbrush so i cant re-export my own.

great model btw :)

I don’t know actually. I am on a holiday right now (around 2 weeks) so I don’t have access to all my tools, but when I am back I can export one for you. Thank you for your purchase! And the kind words :)

In case you have not managed to convert the .map to .tif yet, you can download one here. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4928183/aleysha2.tif let me know if that works for you.

For the non Maya users out there, does the version 2.0 come with the polygon hair that the version 1.0 seems to come with?

Yes I have included that in there too.

dude, it gots bones?? i wanna be able to change her poses.

i mean. is there a rigged version of this??

Yeah she is ready to be posed. Might need a little fine tuning in some areas though.

I am completely new to 3d animation. I saw the movie Lorax and now i want to learn how to create 3d character animations.

What software do I need? What is the best one to purchase and is this file good for learning how to animate 3d characters?

Well, I would say maya is the best one… but I might be a little biased since I am a Maya user myself :).

In regards to the model I would have to admit that it will be heavy for starters as there is quite a bit of technical stuff attached to it that will slow things down for you considerably.

Do you have any beginner files? I plan to start from the bottom and end up being able to edit the nice files like this one.

This one is a simple mesh with texture. http://3docean.net/item/low-poly-beach-girl/240735 you can use it to practice rigging and animation. If you are looking for something that is already rigged and ready to be animated (in maya) there is this one http://3docean.net/item/low-poly-aleysha/168734 which is rigged with human IK. :). Both these files are not suitable for facial animations though.

Great model, however the download file is broken. please message me if you can help with a backup. It stops at 48% on all browsers.

Hi ORiGO, Thank you for your purchase! That seems strange. I just tried the download myself and it works fine… Please do contact support about it so they can fix it if necessary. I can help you with an alternative download via email if it really does not work, but you need to message me via my profile page as you have not enabled messaging on yours. :)

email was sent!

Is possible to add other styles of clothing to this model of ALEYSHA v.02? I’m look to purchase her just need to know if this possible and a long with moving her to different positions? Thanks in advance :D


Hey Tyson! Yes it is possible but will be quite difficult as the model is using displacement maps so you will probably have a lot of areas where the skin is pushed through the clothes on rendering. As with poses, yes you can pose her but that too is a little limited because of the displacement maps and the way they perform on deformation.

do you do freelance ? i need 3 characters producing i have standard drawings only

I am currently too busy to take on more freelance work.

Very nice model with clean topology! I don’t use maya but through Zbrush I could import it easily in C4D.

Great! Thanks for the feedback. :)

Outstanding model! Beautifull, sexy, love her hair!

Thank you!

I rly like it!

Very nicely done,i love ztool 0/

Hi, I need a Mammoth 3D. can you do that?

Hi, not at the moment because I am busy with projects.

Hi ! How does it looks like when I open it with c4d ? no problems with model and textures ?

I don’t think you would be able to open it in c4d. There would definitely be issues with the displacement maps, materials and textures…

Will this work with blender?

Hi! Sorry to say it won’t