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Where are the original textures? :-/

You should just relink the textures folder when you open the file for the first time.

i used the .obj file in daz studio 4… i have not cinema 4d…

Hmm, I am really sorry, but as it says in the description, this file was made strictly for Cinema4D and Element3d :( I cannot offer you help with DAZ studio. You can probably use the obj file but you would have to adjust the textures yourself. Really sorry, but the description was clear enough. You can try to contact Envato for a refund.

Rear logo, sometimes renders using kinda lines pattern in Element 3d, how to solve that kind of glitch?

Hey jamfive, thank you for your purchase. I will check it out and update it asap if necessary. Thank you! Best regards, Tom

Hi – I noticed the screen/display texture is only 282×498px. Would it be possible for you to update the texture so it matches the resolution of the iPhone 6 for when the camera zooms in? Thanks!

Hey rfeindel, thank you for your purchase. No problem at all, at the time it was made this was the only one that was available :) Now that iPhone 6 is officially released I will try to get some real-life screenshot and update it with true resolution. Best regards, Tom

Update pending – redownload tomorrow during the day. Will be live 15.10.2014. around 12:00am, CET. Thank you!

Hi! The textures all come in blank in the C4D file. Any suggestions?

Hey josephnilo, thank you for your purchase. C4D file is used only for the geometry that Element3D pulls when you load the preset, there are no materials present inside. This particular item was made for After Effects and Element3D plugin only.

Hello. I purchased the file but upon opening I realized that the screen resolution of the iPhone is nowhere near the physical one. I have to be able to use my actual iPhone screenshots to put in the virtual phone and not have any gaps, resizing and blurring. When I import a screenshot that’s 1334×750, it doesn’t fill up the whole screen, because the resolution you used is 282×498 which is basically 750×1324 when scaled up. When I purchase a ready-made object, I count that I can use ti right away and not wait for update (if ever). Please respond if this can be fixed in a reasonable time or should I request a refund. same goes for your PLUS versions.

Thank you for your purchase. I made this model before it was officially out so there weren’t any bigger screen textures (aka screenshots from people) – but that shouldn’t be of any problem, since the ratio is important, not the size. Now that you have mentioned that I have missed the texture ratio by “humongous” 10 pixels (which is not “no where as near” like you said, it’s quite small actually) I have updated the files and sent them for a review. Not sure that reviewers are working over weekend so it might take until Monday. Regards, Tom.

Update pending – redownload tomorrow during the day. Will be live 15.10.2014. around 12:00am, CET. Thank you!

Also, there’s a weird gap between the “pixels” and the rounded inner corner of the display. Here’s the screenshot http://s30.postimg.org/z6sr9fry9/gap.jpg

Also fixed in an update (Monday). Regards, Tom.

Just downloaded the updated version. There’s still a gap between the screen and the edge. You should add a plane just below the screen and make it black.


That is exactly what I did…let me check once again, maybe I have sent the wrong file.

Sent the model update once again. It might get approved immediately or tomorrow, depending on reviewers. If you cannot wait, feel free to send me an email and I will send you the updated model now. Thank you!

Another quick fix update pending – redownload tomorrow during the day. Will be live 15.10.2014. around 12:00am, CET. Thank you!

This model is a terrible curve. I could not use it for work, because after opening in obj file in 3d max, I just could not use it for work, due to poor geometry. How do I get my money back?

Dear delopaso, thank you for your purchase but next time please read the description before doing so. This model was made for Cinema4D and Element3D.

The OBJ file (which is not used in anything here since E3D loads the C4D file) is there simply because it was required for upload. It was converted from subdivided C4D model with great curves just not really editable in the way it is supplied (didn’t pay attention to it since it is simply there for upload purposes).

Unfortunately, I cannot offer you a refund myself because Envato is managing that. Contact support.

Best regards, Tom

Anyway, even though I am not obliged to, since you have already bought this, you can contact me over e-mail (profile page) and I will send you a converted OBJ/MAX file (from C4D base source) without subdivisions so you can work on the model easily. Regards, Tom

Hi! I am looking for iPhone newest model. So can you tell me if your object is woking on ELEMENT 3D V1? I don’t have newest Element 3D version 2.

Dear BunchProduction, this is working with Element 3D 1.6. I still haven’t updated the models for the new V2.

HI! Amazing Work! just purchased it!

Just one question Is there anyway i could animate the texture from the screen?

I want to show different screens during an animation of your model in After Effects. I mean during the rotation of the iPhone i want to scroll between different textures is that possible? Or what do u suggest… English is not my first Language : ) sorry

Dear bcg_27, first of all – thank you very much for your purchase :) really appreciate it.

By all means, you should be able to animate the screen texture. When I made the model I did the screen as a separate part with its own texture like on all my models, so you should be able to insert a composition onto it and animate it as you wish.

Kind regards! T

Can you delete the iphone model from the .e3d present when its open in after effects and can you add your own model to the preset?

sorry *.e3d preset

Hey mark45, I am terribly sorry for answering this late. I somehow missed your comment, my apologies.

First of all, thank you very much for your purchase. Yes, you can replace the geometry model after you open the preset in Element3D (right click on model name and press “Replace model”). What would be the reason for that? To re-use the materials on another model, or? If that is the plan then I think it should work okay, haven’t really tried it.

Best regards, Tom

hi just purshased your model, but when i open it on the element 3d scene and try to import it , none of the models show up. Additional when i try to maniuplate it on the comp screen with the orbital tool, it goes all black? Is there something im missing?


I followed every step as far but when it comes to the scene set up and importing the models, nothing shows up on the preview. I relinked the scene files but still nothing. please advice

Headphone socket isn’t quite right. When viewed from directly above, the bottom edge of the phone should be straight and you should not be able to see where the socket goes in. On this model you can.

hi there, when i open the .C4D file the textures are not linked. i see the textures in the material browser, but there are not showing on the model. for example the apple logo isn´r showing. can you please help?

The textures are not linked! Please help me.

Ah! Ok! the cinema archive don’t have textures,...OK! Sorry.

But I have the a problem with the element 3D archive, when I open the Element archive I can’t see anything,...Why? I did something wrong,... Please help.

Dear ERFERNANDO, when you open/import e3d preset, you have to right click on it in the list and press “replace model” then find the .c4d file from the archive and load it. Same thing with textures – you find the material in the list (model part that is) and you will see the names of the textures labeled in red color – press on it and replace them with textures from where you extracted the archive that you bought on 3docean (I believe the folder is called “tex”).

Ok Tom, I try it.

thanks a lot.

This is working pretty good for me, but I struggle to get decent reflections and gradients on the surface. It’s looking pretty flat. I’m using the included HDRI map in the environment, and rotating the lighting environment. I’ve tried adjusting reflectivity in the various textures? Any tips on how to get a nice hard pillow box reflection? Thanks!

Still would like tips, but so far the only thing that works is putting a little reflection on the display layer. What’s the difference between the display, the underglass, and the glass_screen, and the “glossy” layer? It’s a nicely built model, just a little confusing without a manual. :)

Hey steveotvgmail :) thank you for your purchase. I hope you have managed to tweak your reflections – it is a play with rotation of the HDR (inside e3d you can use shift+right click or shift+left click to roll/rotate the environment). Outside the e3d interface you have to use the sliders under world options in e3d layer.

Anyway – to make it short, “display” = screen texture, “underglass” = black/white matte background around the screen of the phone, “glass_screen” = glass cover of the phone, “glossy” = glossy metal on the phone borders and home key (at least i think it was that, was a long time since I made that model) :)

Hope it helps a bit!

Kindest regards, Tom

hi, when i am importing them, nothing comes, and in the scene the iphone shows as red text when importing the e3d

Daer ZOMGsheikh, you should reload the model once imported in E3D. Right click on that red text and press replace model. Then find the model inside the extracted files and open it. After that you will also need to do that with some of the textures.

I purchased your model. But I need to remove the apple logo on the rear cover of the smartphone. How can I do it. help me please.

Thank you so much, but a letter from you, I have not received. Spam folder, too empty. Please send the model to my second mail: info@magic-light.kiev.ua. I really need this model. Thank you in advance.

Hey, no worries :) I have forwarded the file to info@magic-light.kiev.ua now. Please check it out. Regards, Tom

Thank you very much, I received the updated model now I will try. Thank you.

Be advised! This model is designed for Element 3D 1.0, not 2. It doesn’t contain PBR materials! Author, please state this in your description.

Otherwise, you’ve done a really good job getting a PBR look with the original shaders. It was a bit of a setback to have to re-work your shaders for Element 2.2, but it worked out in the end.

Dear AurelTristen, thank you for your purchase. Yes indeed – this model was done almost 3 years ago when E3D V2 wasn’t released yet. I might update the materials for E3D V2 when I get some free time though. Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Regards, Tom

Looking good effect, I will try in my next ios apps. What is about Iphone 7 element .??/ - Chetan Patel

Dear friend, thank you. There is Element3D version of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as well in my portfolio :). Kind regards, Tom